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Hillary Clinton And The Scandals Eating Away At Her Support

The media consensus in the United States maintains that it is a done deal, that the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton will gain her place in history as the first female president of the US, thanks in large part to the disastrous decision by the Republican Party to accept Donald Trump as their presidential candidate. But… The scandals and controversies that might have made her succumb to a more accomplished GOP candidate continue to waft behind her like a bad stink. Some polls are showing a narrowing between the two nominees, or a cross-over in support, and the irregular revelations from Wikileaks are eating away at her credibility. The White House is still hers to lose but she – and her associates – aren’t helping the cause. Though things are not as dark – or conspiratorial – as some Irish “news” websites are making out.

24 comments on “Hillary Clinton And The Scandals Eating Away At Her Support

  1. the Phoenix

    I am loving wikileaks. They are exposing Hillary for the corrupt fascist pig she is. Everything from hiring paid thugs to attack Trump supporters (their price is 1500 dollars apparently) to Hillary getting debate questions in advance from Donna Brazile (for which Hillary still has to read scripted answers for off podium for some reason). Just shows how corrupt DNC is that Brazile still has a job.
    I disagree it was a mistake to choose Trump. Trump,being not a traditional conservative has garnered the support of millions of democrats,independents,Bernie Sanders supporters,gays,blacks,hispanics.
    It would’ve been hard for anyone under gop ticket. Trump has given millions of disenfranchised,marginalised Americans hope for their country. I have never seen such a populist and positive political phenomenon like his in my lifetime. Good luck to him. And if Hitlery wins i wish her the worst. I hope either her countless scandals bring her down or her rapidly deteriorating health takes her out.

    • Ah c’mon, admittedly she’s bad but she’s not a “corrupt fascist pig”. The worse thing she could do in office is perpetuate the system, which existed long before her. On the GOP nominee, I think if it was John Kasich or even Santorum she would be in serious trouble. Trump is handing the election to her, even if he is enthusing the GOP base and some frustrated voters.

      Unfortunately neither will bring true change or reform. That requires institutional change, constitutional even, and no one is willing to face up to that. As long as Congress relies on gerrymandering and FPTP elections nothing will change, whether Trump or Clinton is in the White House.

      • the Phoenix

        Not corrupt? She swindled impoverished Haitians,had debate questions forwarded to her,hired thugs to attack Trump supporters.
        Not a fascist? She supported regime change in Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,Libya,she is a neo imperialist interventionist.
        More of the same? So you are saying recent US involvement in MENA hasn’t been disastrous? The refugee crisis and destruction of Libya and Syria are a result of Hillary’s wars.
        Have you not looked at the phenomenal following Trump has? You think staid dullards like Santorum and Kasich could build followings like that?

        • But will Trump appeal beyond the base? He has lost women, minority communities, etc. Yes, he could still be elected, but the “dullards” would have had broader appeal. That said, if Joe Biden was the DP candidate he would have rolled over Trump. Clinton’s baggage is the anchor dragging her down. The polls are looking interesting though.

          Have African-Americans abandoned voting this time around? It’s not looking good for Clinton – or possibly down-tickets – if the early reports are to be believed.

          • the Phoenix

            Trump gets yuuuge crowds out. He he is down with women but polling ok for a republican among blacks and hispanics. According to reports black turnout is way down. A big worry for Hillary.

    • What makes you think that the shit that’s published by Wikileaks is actually legit? Assange is a Russian puppet. And what hope a billionaire who didn’t even earn his money himself can give to other people? All I hear from him is xenophobia, racism and misogyny.

      • the Phoenix

        Wikilleaks has published millions of documents over ten years. Not one has proven to be fake or edited. Does that answer your question?
        What racist or xenophobic things has Trump ever said?

        • “What racist or xenophobic things has Trump ever said?”

          Seriously? 😉

          • the Phoenix

            Yes seriously. People are overly sensitive today. They blow things Trump says out of proportion. To me real racism is the way Hillary talks condescendingly towards blacks and even changes her accent and drops her ‘g’s at the end of words while in their presence. I half expect her at times to put on blackface and start singing Al Jolson songs.

  2. Lord of Mirkwood

    I talked to my dad yesterday and he is simply terrified. I thought the Democrats had it clinched, too, but it really is never over until it’s over. The political situation in this country gets ever more dangerous by the day.

    • the Phoenix

      You and your father should be happy Hillary is going down in flames.

      • Down but not out 😉 Speaking in purely selfish terms, as an Irish republican I’d rather Clinton in the White House than Trump, especially with the possiblity that the UK may chose to reinforce its partition-border in the coming 24 months. High friends in high places, etc. Sorry! 😀

        • the Phoenix

          I don’t know what Irish republicanism has to do with that quisling Martin McGuinness. The Clintons hate Irish republicans. I still remember when Bill Clinton told republicans something to the effect “your day will never come.”

        • the Phoenix

          Hi Seamy. I directly confronted you on your belief that Martin McGuinness is an Irish republican. Do respond. Do be a sweetie. It is your blog after all☺

          • Unfortunately, Phoenix, I am flying in and out of Ireland for work reasons so I cannot respond to every comment. On the McGuinness point I disagree, obviously. Certainly not a quisling, though the GFA was a poorish deal. SF could have – and should have – done better. But it was the best they thought they could achieve and in the round they gained more than they lost.

            • the Phoenix

              He isn’t a quisling? He supports the British police,meets with royals,calls Irish republicans traitors,criminals and terrorists. Not to mention the allegation he is an Mi6 spy. He has had a get out of jail free card his entire life. Brian Keenan thought he was a British agent. He is hated in his own community. There are people who served under him and who knew him since childhood who say with conviction he is a traitor and British agent. Their saying so has brought threats from Sinn Fein. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain by making the accusation. Who do you think knows better? Them or you?

              • In this case, I’m afraid I do know better. Martin McGuinness may be many things but he is not an agent of MI6 (nor would MI6 be the recruiting/handling agency if he were a UK spy). The whole “Agent J11B”, Ian Hurst – Martin Ingrams, etc. allegations are a nonsense. Blaming British spooks for what happened c.1994-1998 is simply a repeat of similar allegations relating to 1921-23. It’s disappointed and frustrated activists looking for explanations in conspiracies, etc. when the answers are in plain sight.

                As I said before, the 1998 Belfast Agreement was less than the (P)RM could have got – or should have got – but that is down to circumstances, poor leadership at certain key moments, expectations of greater movement by the UK authorities and unionists in later years, and so on. Too much faith, not enough scepticism – or cynicism.

              • the Phoenix

                So you are saying you know better than men who served under McGuinness in the 70s and 80s and men who knew McGuinness their entire lives? There are many places in Derry McGuinness can’t even show his face.
                How do you explain his support for the psni and the monarchy? Do you support McGuinness calling republicans traitors,criminals and terrorists?

  3. I thought there was a “beaver shot” of Chelsea in circulation? My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

    • Ah now, I hope not. Though given the Anthony Weiner revelations anything now seems possible. The whole thing is turning into a soap opera, a Telemundo epic.

  4. It’s quite simple really. You are no friend of freedom if you are voting for a man who is endorsed by the KKK and the Aryan Nation, who has vowed to make sectarianism and bigoted discrimination OK by law. Calling Hillary a corrupt or criminal candidate is throwing stones from a glass house if you’re willing to vote for a man who has both a fraud trial and a rape trial on the docket in the next few months. There is no universe where anyone can claim that Trump is a better moral option unless you are fine with bigotry and vulgarity on a level that has not been seen in decades.

    It terrifies me that so many people support him, both in the US and outside of it. I get that Hillary is a war-machine and a danger in her own way, but the orange oompa loompa is much, much worse. He shouldn’t be allowed to have a coffee, let alone the supreme court or the red button…and his running mate is a calm and methodical sociopath who is a danger to women’s rights everywhere

  5. you need to wake up. The entire establishment has been against Trump from day one. He has advanced from what we can see so far a policy of splendid isolation. Whether right or wrong, feasible or not, for the so-called left to come out and support Hilary, someone who actively promotes warfare in other countries, advocates a no fly zone over Syria which could cause a war with Russia, who is in multiple conflicts of interest due to the money she has taken from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who it has been shown in Democratic party e-mails support Isis and the Dems are aware of this, (Isis being someone this site is supposed to revile), the fact that you would still even tacitly support her is a joke. Why? because Trump is populist? Rude? Sexist? Obama came in on a humongous anti-war mandate because the left were mobilized against the pro-war Republican party. Now you are voting for a safe pair of hands to retain the status quo, ie interfering in warzones beyond their remit. Carving up whole swathes of the middle East for resources. Hilary has no problem with this.

    The fact you are posting this stuff about Trump supporters in the Irish media as if it is a conspiracy and there are loads of them is a joke. The media is completely behind Hilary both here and in America. If you stopped shooting fish in a barrel for five seconds watching Fox news you would realise this.

    If Trump is as bad as you say, he will be a four year president. If Hilary gets elected she will most likely be the first woman president (to be impeached).

    How do you explain Hilary joking about the pedophile she represented? How do you explain the extortionate activities in Haiti by the Clinton foundation? This stuff is unconscionable.

    The left are throwing their credibility to the wind by supporting someone like Hilary in any way shape or form.

    Arms dealers, markets, media, state parties, NONE of them want Trump. By sheer virtue of his enemies he must be onto something and even if he’s not you had your left-wing candidate in Bernie Sanders, and he was taken out by Clinton who had “leverage” on him lest he got to heavy on her. She rigged it so he would lose. She bought the election with donations from vested interests. At least Trump is using his own money and responsible only to himself.

    I doubt you will let this comment go through. But honestly, your ignorance is quite shameful. Enjoy being part of the media establishment while you have the chance. I’m sure Enda Kenny, RTE, Pat kenny, The Times, and the Indo would all agree with you. The only reason they are reporting on Hilary’s scandals at all is because they are of such a magnitude that they are unavoidable. They could warrant jail time.

    Other people have served lengthy times in jail for losing or giving up documents to parties they should not have, Hilary will get pardoned while they rot in jail. Look at how little it takes to call Trump a fascist. Defending borders and sovereignty against Hilary who advocated “open borders”. While Hilary actually DOES the things she doesn’t say she agrees with. She advocated for building a wall before trump. She was against Gay marriage. She tried to portray Obama as the “other” before Trump with some of the most racist tactics you will ever see in a campaign. She is not the lesser of two evils. Trump doesn’t give a shit about Syria, or invading the middle-east. He will be looking for money, cutting deals whether good or bad, Hilary on the other hand, will drag us more into proxy wars all over the globe. If your a fascist for wanting to have borders around your country, good luck with keeping a republic should we ever achieve one. There is only one border in Ireland which needs to come down, the rest should be unceasingly resisted.

    If you don’t print this post you should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m going to hope that you have some shred of decency left. Look at the people whose side you are on here. You are supposed to be anti-establishment: A buffoon is better than a a Machiavellian pragmatist.

    • the Phoenix

      Well said! On the nose. You summed the case against Hillary better than anyone could.

    • I agree with all the problems and issues and about Hillary. I’m actually trying to write something about her sense of self-entitlement and that displayed by our own former president, Mary Robinson, though a lack of time means I will probably have to curtail it. Work and travel simply eats up every spare hour I have. Not to mention that the brain is frazzled 🙂 However, Trump is in another category altogether. He is not the solution to the problem, he is part of the problem. If he was rational in a Sanders way, albeit from the Right, then yeah, why not, but he is wholly irrational and wholly on the Far Right of US politics.

      Honest to god, what on earth is Trump gonna do except represent a major “Fuck you!” to establishment Washington?

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