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Russian Spammers Take To Google For Donald Trump!

While the campaign team for Donald Trump may dismiss the continuing allegations that the Russian Federation played some role in his rise to presidential office, Moscow’s favourable attitude towards the real estate tycoon cannot be doubted. At least for now. Hillary Clinton and her supporters have a point when they highlight the claims in their post-election apologias, however exaggerated some of the rumours may be. Though, admittedly, whining about foreign interference in the contest shouldn’t detract from her abysmal performance in the race for the White House (even if it is somewhat ameliorated by her huge margins in the popular vote). Of course the average internet user, either in the United States or using American-based servers, was unaware of the covert events taking place in the weeks leading up to the polls as an electronic pro-Trump insurgency was waged across the world wide web.

Even An Sionnach Fionn, an Irish republican website, was caught up on the edges of the cyber-canvassing. One of the odder anomalies to emerge from my internet statistics and analytics in the days before the election is featured below. Notice how Google reads the language of the device visiting my website as, “ You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!“. This aligns up with the location of a repeat visitor from the same period in St. Petersburg, Russia, linking further back to a communications’ service provider in the city, Comfortel Ltd., situated on Detskiy Street. The company, via the website, works with businesses and individuals in the region. Its offices are a forty minute drive from the four-story building at 55 Savushkina Street which formerly housed some of Russia’s infamous, state-sponsored internet commentators and trolls. However in this case the culprit seems to be one Vitaly Popov, a notorious and web-ingenious Russian spammer. I must admit to having more than a little admiration for his tech-savvy abilities. Where are the Fenian hackers?


8 comments on “Russian Spammers Take To Google For Donald Trump!

  1. Fess up bruv, you is a meerkat, innit?


  2. Not that I doubt the analytics per se, but surely “a notorious and web-ingenious Russian spammer” would know how to hide and/or fake their true location?
    Not that I’m pro Trump, but isn’t this a little too obvious?


    • The guy is fairly famous in his line of “work”, and fame-hungry, so it’s no surprise that he would be using local websites/servers. In addition, tech-security among private firms in Russia is pretty poor. Spammers take the line of least resistance. I think the whole pro-Trump line is tongue-in-cheek provocation rather than any real sentiment. Made for an interesting spike in the stats though 😉


  3. the Phoenix

    I saw an article on the Intercept a few months ago (who certainly aren’t pro Trump) that asserted Google (not to mention Facebook and others) were totally in the tank for Hillary even to the point of manipulating algorithms.
    And when it comes to foreign governments influencing US elections i would prefer Russia (even though i hate Putin) over Hillary’s Saudi and Qatari friends who have financed and armed jihadist and takfiri groups who want us all dead.
    Hillary insanely wanted a no fly zone over Syria which likely would have resulted in a global war or at least a major international incident. So of course Russia didn’t want Hillary. Neither did Americans.
    To say that Trump is a Russian stooge is absurd considering his attitude towards Russia’s closest mideast ally Iran.


    • Oh, I don’t think he is a Russian stooge and Moscow is starting to get nervous about the reality of a Trump White House. Alarming the American eagle is one thing but now that it has taken flight…


  4. the Phoenix

    Where are the Fenian hackers? Have you ever heard of the IRIDF,Seamy?


    • Jesus, there is an acronym from the past! 😀


      • the Phoenix

        I have been on a couple sites hacked by IRIDF. I knew one of the main people behind it. They even tried to recruit me. But i couldn’t hack into a hard boiled egg.


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