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Hillary Clinton’s Contribution To The Irish-British Peace Process

As Hillary Clinton and her closest campaign aides continue to blame everyone but themselves for her humiliating defeat in the presidential contest last November, the arrogance that made the former secretary of state such an unattractive candidate for many American voters has been thrown into an even starker light. That is not to dismiss out of hand the arguments being made by such Clinton stalwarts as Jennifer Palmieri or Joel Benenson, nor to absolve the Republican Party of blame for riding to executive and legislative power on a wave of populist nationalism. However their excuses cannot hide the fact that the decision by the Democratic Party to let Clinton have “her turn” effectively handed the White House to perhaps one of the most divisive, amateurish and certainly unworthy individuals to hold the office of the president of the United States in decades. In retrospect the signs of potential trouble were visible from the get-go in her campaign, as can be seen in this March 2015 posting by Trina Vargo, a senior player in Irish-American politics since the late 1980s and the current president of the US-Ireland Alliance, a non-profit organisation:

“Irish America publisher Niall O’Dowd may be loud, but that doesn’t make him right, or representative of most Irish Americans. In his never-ending need to ingratiate himself with the Clintons, he inducted Hillary Clinton into his Irish America Hall of Fame this week. All that did was to remind everyone that when Clinton ran against Obama in 2008, she and her camp falsely claimed she played an instrumental role in the Northern Ireland peace process leading up to the 1998 Belfast Agreement. As Senator Ted Kennedy’s foreign policy adviser, I was directly involved in that process, as was O’Dowd, and he would know full well that the First Lady’s role was far from instrumental. He keeps trying to suggest more than was there with vague but grandiose-sounding comments like, “Hillary Clinton played a leading role in creating the links between the White House and leaders on the ground that would become so important during crunch time when negotiations came.” That’s as specific as he can get, and as non-specific as he has to be, because there’s no there there.

In 1997, Irish Times journalist Conor O’Clery wrote the first detailed book on the US role in Northern Ireland as it related to obtaining that first visa for Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to visit the US and that period leading up to the Belfast Agreement. As O’Dowd was one of O’Clery’s primary sources, one would think that if the First Lady had played any significant role, he would have credited her, as would anyone else O’Clery interviewed. But in O’Clery’s, Daring Diplomacy: Clinton’s Secret Search for Peace in Ireland, Hillary Clinton is mentioned five times but there are no references to her playing any role, she is referred to merely as accompanying her husband.

Most tellingly, if her contributions to the Northern Ireland peace process were so significant, why didn’t she mention that herself in her 2003 book Living History? In the 500-page autobiography she mentions Northern Ireland on several occasions but never suggests she played an instrumental role in ending the conflict. As Maureen Dowd wrote in the New York Times in 2008, “Having a first lady tea in Belfast is not equivalent to bringing peace to Northern Ireland.””

Though Hillary Clinton had more justification for highlighting her contribution to the peace process following her election to the US Senate in 2001, or selection for the secretary of state role in 2009, her presence before those dates was negligible. That she and her supporters argued otherwise with blithe disregard for the facts spoke volumes of her integrity – and theirs.

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  1. john maciain

    hrc never divorced herself from the bill clinton legacy of the “new jim crow” crime bill, gutting welfare, eliminating glass steel and thus all banking controls, and trade deals with no regard to labour standards, environmental standards nor resource management by national governments, and then there’s bi;;s sexual abuse. repub;cans from bob pacjwood to denis assert are very vulnerable on sex abuse. did i say trump gingrich and bonnier as well? but that doesn’t work when you are offering to put bill and his predatory sex attitudes into the white house again. then there;s human, nice lady i am sure, but as soon as her terrible husband showed his dick in twitter time for her to leave the camp;sign, she can have a nice job somewhere else. the weiner e mails reopened the e mail scandal. without weiner near the campaign she probably wins. it all shows that the dnc thought they could manage all thew issues and win with the least likeable candidate in decades. john kerry was warm and fuzzy compared to hrc. there are a dozen better democrats at least. then there’s the election cycle. a change election they run the ultimate insider. no washington insider has won the presidency since nixon, and he stepped away from politics for six years to give himself a make over. the clinton campaign was a study in arrogance, entitlement and scorn for the working class. yeah the system is terrible but they knew it going in. it was time for a new face, but the dnc booted the pooch and now the world will suffer.

    the clintons are pure narcissists. bill beat the impeachment vote two years into his second term. that was the time to resign gracefully for the good of the country and the good of the party. he was scum, popular scum but his presence has left a sin k on the democrats ever since. the republicans were wrong to impeach him over a “bj”. but he should have stepped down then the party probably.y wins with an incumbent gore, and the stink is gone forever. the moment i saw trump campaigning on the loss of manufacturing jobs i shouted at the television that the democrats had better come up with an answer to this, but none of their friends lost a job, they showed that they didn’t care about working people and got what they deserved. if only they had run bernie, or warren, even all gore again. hrc shouldn’t even be a cabinet minister after the clinton foundation not being arms length. her cadre was a study in entitlement, privilege and ignorance.

  2. the Phoenix

    Just goes to show how unqualified Hillary was. She thought she could piggyback to the White House on Bill’s shoulders. She has no qualifications or experience. Her so called experience came vicariously through Bill.
    Also shows how corrupt the Democrats are in having better suited people stand aside so the queen bee could have her turn. Besides Bernie does anyone remember the others who ran for Dem candidate?
    Corey Booker could have ran. He is far more liked and has no scandals or controversies and saves babies from burning buildings in his spare time.
    Or Tulsi Gabbard who is one of the few US pols with a sane position on Syria and Iraq.
    But no it had to be Hill’s turn. 8 years for Bill,8 years for Hill. As the Clinton’s liked to chant.
    Trump is already showing he will be a good president. He has stood up to China which which recently humiliated the weak,feckless Obama by not bringing stairs to his plane. Trump has prevented 1500 US jobs from leaving the country and he isn’t even in office yet.
    The Democrats deserve to wander in the wilderness. Hopefully the corrupt old party implodes.

  3. Lord of Mirkwood

    Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders had been writing letters to Thatcher on behalf of the H-Block hunger strikers all the way back in 1981.

    In retrospect, I’ve realized that while some might have scorned Hillary Clinton supporters for voting based on “identity politics”, I had my own identity-politics reasons to support Bernie Sanders. Irishidentity politics, that is.

    • the Phoenix

      If Hillary Clinton had become president Ireland and the rest of the western world would be unrecognisable or destroyed by her mollycoddling of islam. You always have to look at the bigger picture.

      • Lord of Mirkwood

        Now Ireland can simply be destroyed by the Armageddon of a nuclear war with China instead.

        • the Phoenix

          Won’t happen. Wars are usually caused by weak leaders. Obama is weak and feckless. The Chinese have no respect for him which is why they snubbed him recently. Trump is strong and already has the respect and attention of China. Hillary wanted to shoot down Russian planes over Syria. She is unhinged and would have started a nuclear war.

          • Lord of Mirkwood

            Trump is so strong that he can handle mild criticism without starting a tweetstorm calling for a “safe space” for himself and for the criticizers to be stripped of their U.S. citizenship. Oh, whoops, nope. That did happen, all right.

            • the Phoenix


              • Lord of Mirkwood

                @the Phoenix

                *Like*! 😉

              • the Phoenix

                No worries mate. Just the fact you are an American with an affinity for Irish Republicanism makes you a comrade in my eyes mate☺

      • Dara O Rourke

        She is a well known Zionist for heavens sake.

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