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TV3 To Launch Television Channel For The Little Women Of Ireland

What century are we living in? That is the question which springs to mind following yesterday’s press conference by the tabloid television network, the TV3 Group, where it was announced that its takeover of the ailing independent station, UTV Ireland, will include a relaunch of its new and existing broadcast channels. The network will rebrand UTV Ireland in 2017 as a women’s channel to be called Be3. The new “female orientated” station will feature soaps, melodramas, chat shows and children’s programming, while the network’s present main channel, TV3, will be for “grown ups“, focusing on news, sports, dramas and light entertainment. Even allowing for press hyperbole or truncated quotations, am I the only one to be surprised by the attitudes on display here? Do some men still view women as children in adult bodies? Are some females not grown-ups too?

From a report by The Journal:

“TV3 IS SET to relaunch UTV Ireland as a “female orientated” channel called Be3.

The announcement was made today at a media briefing in Dublin for the TV3 group’s plans for 2017.

In tandem with the launch of the new channel, the existing TV3 channels – the eponymous station and 3e – are to be given rebrands to position the channel as reaching to three specific demographics.

TV3 will be seen as the “grown ups channel” according to new Director of Programming Bill Malone (ex-RTÉ).

Current affairs programmes such as Tonight With Vincent Browne and Pat Kenny Tonight will likewise remain on the main channel.

Be3 meanwhile, as part of its “female focus” will be showing second viewings of the soaps, together with shows such as Midsomer Murders, Loose Women, and Benidorm.”

Whatever comes out of the promiscuous TV3 Group, now owned by the sprawling US cable company Liberty Global, will inevitably be aimed at the lowest common denominator in terms of broadcasting and viewership; trashy television imports from overseas with a few home-made talking-heads to fill out the schedule. The network has built up an unenviable reputation in Ireland for the seedy or sensationalist nature of its programming, placing it on a par with some of the infamous dumbed-down channels of Italy. Euros, not quality, is the bottom line in the local corporate headquarters in Ballymount. However there has to be some point at which we, the general public, and the broadcasting regulators go, seriously, what the fuck?


4 comments on “TV3 To Launch Television Channel For The Little Women Of Ireland

  1. Graham Ennis

    Utterly horrible. But shows a problem. There is exactly such a minority audience, of lower social class, uneducated and un-liberated females, who will watch this utter crap. That is what really terrifies me. The same demographic who read the trashier “Womens” magazines. They do exist. The TV company, (American) makes a fortune from such worthless rubbish in the USA, and is now dumping it in Ireland. The social implications of their being able to do this are the issue here, not the trash TV. For as long as I can remember, (I’m very ancient) there has been such a social sub-class, who are at the bottom of the social heap, ignored by the mainstream, and left in a social ghetto of the underclass. The real issue here is this uncomfortable fact, not that an American TV company has started “Vulture TV” that feeds off of this audience. Such an audience exists in all the Western countries, especially in the USA. It links to the deliberate creation of an underclass, the perpetuation of such a class in Ireland, (For which we have to thank the winning side in the Civil War, in political alliance with the church). All these are uncomfortable truths, especially for Irish “Feminists”, who have effectively abandoned their underclass sister-hood, for the more exciting issues of radical feminism. About 20% 0f the Irish female population fall into this class, or are on the margins of it. We need to ask why, and that would be very uncomfortable to some in Ireland, in all political sectors. Some of the Republic’s smaller parties are looking at this, (Some) but this trash-TV is a symptom, as well as a cause. Discuss.


  2. the Phoenix

    Doesn’t matter what century we are in. Women are still women and men are still men. My girlfriend likes reality tv and soaps and i like MMA and the news.


  3. Perhaps a negro channel, or a Polish channel?


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