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Danny Healy-Rae, Kerry’s Answer To A Question Nobody Asked

After-hours publican and occasional politician, Danny Healy-Rae, proving that there is literally no end to his insight and wisdom

3 comments on “Danny Healy-Rae, Kerry’s Answer To A Question Nobody Asked

  1. I cringe when those nepotistic jokers come on TV. One of the drawbacks to being Irish. Jesus, that flat cap…


  2. bradhar

    Ara he’s a clown (jesus I couldn’t take my eyes off his watch) but …
    The point he’s making (and I agree with him) is that these stats are being pushed and pulled to suit a certain viewpoint. If someone drives a car over the speedlimit while drunk, is the cause of accident the speed, the drink, the four rowdy yahoos in the back acting the maggot, the youth of the driver, etc. For example, uninsured and untaxed drivers are involved in a staggering proportion of accidents in this country and there’s no political-policing will being brought to bear on that at all. Another example is the RSA’s attitude to cycling. It’s coming from a completely ignorant and uninformed place and the things it’s advocating may have big knock-on effects.
    The stakes of this drink-driving push are very high. The countryside is emptying by the day and DHR and his bro are some of the only voices pushing back. They have a very very strong electoral mandate and they’re not accepting the consensus. God bless him, he had strange ideas about global warming too but at least he had something to say – his spake on the weather was the first hint of public debate on global warming I’ve seen in this country. Keep pushing people and they’ll find their own ways to push back. If the run-of-the-mill sleeveen politicians won’t speak up for you, elect a Trump, a Yeltsin, a Le Pen. So really what I’m saying is that Danny Healy Rae is the fault of the Dubs.


    • Ah yeah, I agree with you about the ostentatious watch. A bit of bling for the folks back home.

      I disagree, though, on the drink-driving campaign and better road safety in general. I think they are doing good. Arguably we are doing some things wrong, of course. The biggest contributor to road safety is good roads. Road widening, for instance in Scandinavia, has been proven to have a significant impact on reducing accidents. Admittedly, that would be a financial and legal task-and-a-half to implement here.

      Bicycle friendly towns and cities are a good thing and should be promoted. Unfortunately we are doing it the wrong way. Most of our cycle-lanes and paths are hardly worth the name. They should be in off the road, with crash barriers and proper lighting, etc. but no real effort is put into them beyond some coloured concrete and white paint.


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