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The Uneasy Peace In Britain’s Legacy Colony On The Island Of Ireland

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), the United Kingdom’s militarised policing force in the Six Counties, has released its 2016-17 statistics for paramilitary-related incidences in the contested region and they make for grim reading:

  • 61 paramilitary gun attacks, resulting in 28 casualties (25 by Republican groupings, 3 by pro-UK Loyalists)
  • 23 paramilitary bombings
  • 5 deaths in paramilitary incidences or attacks
  • 66 paramilitary physical assaults, a majority related to so-called “punishment beatings” (10 by Republicans, 58 by pro-UK Loyalists)
  • 137 arrests related to paramilitary offences
  • 19 charged with membership of a paramilitary organisation and/or carrying out paramilitary-related activities

An occupied territory is an ungovernable territory, one where peace will always be no more than a façade. That is the essential truth of Irish and British history and it remains unaltered by three decades of political progress and compromise. We are all prisoners of Britain’s toxic past.


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