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The Morning Joe Team Respond To Donald Trump’s Twitter Storm

The hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe cable news show, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezierinski, have responded to Donald Trump’s flurry of tweets earlier this week attacking the pair in a decidedly personal manner. One is tempted to remark that the American plutocracy is turning upon itself in the face of the former business tycoon’s increasingly authoritarian – and increasingly eccentric – presidency. I predicted at the time of his inauguration that the Manhattan populist would not see out his four-year term in office and that is beginning to look like a sure bet.

Watch the extended clip from their television programme broadcast earlier today.

10 comments on “The Morning Joe Team Respond To Donald Trump’s Twitter Storm

  1. Mika’s daddy was a fine fellow too….not!


    • I know very little about him, to be honest, beyond his supposed dislike for his daughter’s grá for Scarborough. His diplomatic/political career is largely unknown to me.


  2. the Phoenix

    Mika and Joe are fake news practitioners. They are lying propagandists. They attacked Trump everyday for 2 years straight and they cry when Trump gives them a taste of their own medicine once. They are pathetic presstitutes Trump is doing fantastic and will be president for a long time.


    • Ah now, that’s not fair. Yeah they criticised him every now and again, especially in the weeks leading up to the presidential election when Mika went off the deep-end in her predictions for a possible future under Trump (though she may turn out to have been correct). But before that they gave him a very sympathetic hearing, were frequent defenders of his antics and did much to legitimise his campaign. And after the inauguration they often acted as apologists for the administration, cosying up to Trump and his daughter in a rather stomach-turning manner.


      • the Phoenix

        Nonsense. They have attacked him for 2 years straight. If they gave Trump a fair hearing they would be fired.


  3. Joe F Keenan

    White Fox, Before you reflexively defend Mika and Joe, ask yourself, “What do know about these two?” Another good question might be, “What was the name of that girl that died in Joe’s office?” Answer, here:


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