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What Links The DUP And Milo Yiannopoulos? The Alt-Right, Of Course

I think it’s fair to describe the “alternative-right” as something of an amorphous political movement. While it has a philosophical hardcore, born from the internet chatter of far-right Millennials in the early 2000s, its outer edges are far more nebulous, shading from disenfranchised working-class frustration to rebellious teenage larking. The claim by some opponents of the ideology, that they don’t know what the alt-right is but they recognise it when they see it, is not an entirely unreasonable one. Over the last decade the base tenets have gained a strong presence in the United States and the United Kingdom (indeed, the former is arguably its birthplace and the latter its off-shoot). They have also developed a surprisingly long reach, from the backrooms of the White House in the US to the East Belfast headquarters of the Democratic Unionist Party in the UK-administered north-east of Ireland.

In several previous articles ASF looked at the DUP’s links with the Constitutional Research Council, a secretive anti-European lobby group in Britain, and AggregateIQ, a controversial data-mining company in Canada. This firm is closely affiliated with Cambridge Analytica, a business which contributed to Donald Trump’s successful presidential election campaign in 2015-16. However, I was not expecting this trail of ultranationalists and their enablers to eventually lead to the enfant terrible of the alt-right scene, Milo Yiannopoulos. According to Der Spiegel, the narcissistic publicity-hound with a Trump-fetish recently established:

“…Milo Inc. in Miami, which he hopes to turn into a right-wing media empire with its own book publishing company, YouTube channels, news websites and events. Yiannopoulos says that he raised $12 million (€10.5 million) in venture capital from conservative investors within a month.

It is an unbelievable sum and some in the alt-right community question have questioned the amount. On the other hand, Yiannopoulos has supposedly long been a favorite of Robert Mercer, a computer scientist, hedge fund manager and billionaire believed to be the secret mastermind behind the Trump presidency. Mercer, who keeps a low public profile, has not only invested $10 million in Breitbart, but also funded Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm that scanned voter profiles for Trump. Apparently he knew early on that Hillary Clinton could not win the election. And it was reportedly Mercer who bankrolled Yiannopoulos’s scandalous tour of several universities last summer. Yiannopoulos himself does not comment on his investors, but it appears likely that Mercer provided a large share of the capital for Milo Inc.”

In the United States members of the alt-right have suggested that their movement should adopt the symbol of Hydra, the fictional conspiratorial organisation appearing in the publications of the Marvel Comics group, as their own. This is fairly typical of the juvenile, almost nihilistic humour which permeates the core of the alternative-right in the US. And also of how it perceives itself – and its tentacled reach into mainstream society.

As my granny with her dour Ulster Presbyterian antecedents used to say, it’s all fun an’ games until someone ends up losing an eye!

12 comments on “What Links The DUP And Milo Yiannopoulos? The Alt-Right, Of Course

  1. Milo is a self serving joke, his Jewish granny means that the Alt Right loathe him.


    • True to a point, but he certainly was popular as a sort of trojan horse for quite some time by some on the alt-right and more importantly on the sort of halo around the alt-right of supporters, interested parties, etc.


  2. Read somewhere on the internet that the Mercers have ties with the Kremlin backed oligarch Dmitri Rybolyviev which is fascinating since wouldn’t the London Club beloved by Loyalists is owned by Roman Abramovich and of course ex gers manager Dick Advocaat worked for Zenit which is in St Petersburgh home to Medvedev and Putin. Curious isn’t it?. Did you know one of Putin’s lobbyists in Britain happens to be ex Ulster Vanguard member William Burnside. Add in enthusiastic neocons like anti-gfa agitators like Melanie Philips and Peter Hitchens fawning over Putin. One may think what does the Kremlin want from Ireland?


    • It’s a small world these days. And a worrying one too. Mind you a link to the DUP. That’s both weirdly unexpected and mind blowing.


  3. the Phoenix

    Gormless as usual,Seamy. DUP would have nothing to do with the gay,drug taking atheist Milo. DUP have much more in common with that darling of the left,moslems. Moslems and DUP are twins seperated at birth. You have absolutely no understanding of what happened in America last November. News is just coming out that Trump is cutting aid to the headcutting jihadists in Syria. Or “activists” as the Guardian call them. Hillary Clinton would have doubled arms shipments to jihadists. Like i said b4,Seamy,pull yer head outta yer arse.


  4. the Phoenix

    I love Milo Yiannopolous. he is hilarious. He is a great defender of free speech and freedom in general. We need more Milos in today’s world.


    • He is an egotist pandering to people’s worst instincts in order to line his own pockets and inflate his ego. Nothing admirable about him whatsoever!


      • the Phoenix

        I think standing up to islamonazis is admirable. Maybe you don’t. Milo gets death threats daily and needs bodyguards everywhere he goes. I admire and respect him. He is a lone voice of reason in an insane world. I plan on buying his book.


  5. the Phoenix

    “Westboro Baptists protest funerals,moslems cause funerals” Milo Yiannopolous on the difference between the Christian right and moslems after the moslem slaughter at Pulse nightclub Orlando.


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