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Fine Gael Minister Paschal Donohoe Blames Left-Wing Parties For Right-Wing Failures

Paschal Donohoe, the Minister for Finance in the Fine Gael-led minority government, took himself off to the MacGill Summer School at the weekend, that annual festival of political onanism in County Donegal, to deliver a speech laden with disingenuous, debatable and downright malicious arguments. According to the Dublin TD, the representatives of the conservative or neoliberal establishment in the “West” are not to blame for the current political and socio-economic woes of the United States or the European Union, and do not wish to maintain a self-serving status quo. Rather it is the:

…far-left that resists change, and engages in the thuggery traditionally associated with the ugly far-right.

Nowadays, to be moderate is to be radical.

Which is a remarkable bit of Trumpian logic, all but surpassed by his apparent amnesia surrounding the ideological composition of successive Irish governments throughout the reckless era of the Celtic Tiger. Apparently it is the right and centre-right which should take the credit for the:

…improvements that have helped soothe the pain of the economic and social catastrophe that befell us at the end of the last decade.

I have said many times that the only way to deliver this is to ensure that the political centre holds.

The policies of the far left- profligate spending, higher taxes on businesses, a “let someone else pay for it”, would all break this country.

But the centre holding is not, in itself, enough.

The centre must also regenerate – because a static political equilibrium in a changing world is not tenable.

If Paschal Donohoe and his fellow exponents of alternative facts in the right-wing press were to have their way, half the country would end up believing that Marxist-Leninists had been running the State for the past fifty years.

By the by, in relation to a reoccurring reference in his speech. Who the fuck listens to U2 any more?


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  1. the Phoenix

    Well the EU is just one big marxist super state. Paschal is right to a large extant.


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