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The Bronze Age Battlefield Site Of Tollense, Northern Germany

In an article last year I highlighting some new research into the suspected Bronze Age battlefield site of Tollense, a river valley in northern Germany where archaeologists have recovered the remains of more than one hundred bodies dating to around 1250 BCE. One of my favourite YouTubers, Lindybiege, has taken a detailed look at the evidence for the supposed clash and it is well worth a watch. Nikolas Lloyd, the historian behind the pseudonym, has created an enjoyable channel full of entertaining, if occasionally eccentric, clips examining military tactics and technology from the pre-modern era. Some of his non-history videos are perhaps best avoided (he has a habit of straying perilously close to UKIP territory) but if you ignore the politics its good fun.

3 comments on “The Bronze Age Battlefield Site Of Tollense, Northern Germany

  1. john cronin

    Interesting. Has anyone ever speculated on ethnic/tribal differences being a reason for the dispute? Proto Teutons v Slavs? Or are archeologists a bit too peecee for this? Certainly at a rather later date areas not far to the west of tollense appear to have been a bloody battleground between Saxons, Danes and Wends


    • It would be impossible at this distance in time to decide the ethnic makeup of those involved or the causes for the battle. The most likely suggestion is a regional conflict among people of the same broad linguistic-cultural milieu, albeit opposed to each other for some reason. It was certainly a large battle by any definition.


  2. I have no idea on the question but I like him too. The English chauvinism is a bit much sometimes, in a an eye-rolling manner, but he makes up for it in other ways. But you just know that he is Brexiteer.


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