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Le Vingtième Siècle. La Vie Électrique By Albert Robida

I’ve discussed my interest in the late 19th century French writer and illustrator, Albert Robida, in a number of previous posts, but I thought I’d feature some more of his visionary art. These images come from his 1890 science-fiction novel Le Vingtième siècle. La vie électrique. A best-seller in its day, it contains the author’s predictions for society and technology in France by the mid-twentieth century, often for comedic purposes.

La Vie Électrique by Albert Robida
Le Voyage de Fiançailles
Le voyage de noces de Philox Lorris
On respire la fraicheur du soir
Dernières architectures navales. Les donjons flottants
Grandes manoeuvres. Charge de Bicyclistes
La Vie Électrique
Grandes manœuvres sous-marines. – Monitor sous-marin surpris par les torpédistes
Le Déblaiement de l’ancien monde
Un quartier embrouillé

1 comment on “Le Vingtième Siècle. La Vie Électrique By Albert Robida

  1. Gorgeous. Shades of William Blake in “L’Electricite.”

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