Spanish Police Attack Voters During Catalan Independence Referendum

It’s turning into a day of shame for Spain as the reactionary government in Madrid seeks to deny the Catalan people the ultimate democratic right: national self-determination. The spirit of Francisco Franco and the Falange lives on in the premiership of Mariano Rajoy and the Partido Popular.





  1. After today Catalonia is gone from Spain, when and the cost the outstanding questions. Given how the Rajoy government has handled matters today, if he continues in this manner it could break up Spain entirely. Parallels to Yugoslavia echo.

    Is the EU in a bind here? Does Rajoy have leverage over them with Brexit? I would expect the EU to condemn him and the violence strongly, to do otherwise is a black eye to the EU project. Another in a long string over the past decade. Be interesting to see what position they take. I do think that will largely be the arbiter of how bad things will get in Catalonia before it is let go.

    1. EU pretty much slit its own throat with the “internal matter” response. It will take a couple of decades but if that is there response to the return of fascism to a European state then the departure of states from the EU is more likely to happen now than less.

      1. Will the EU take the plunge and see the future as a “Europe of the Peoples” or will it continue to back the big centralised states, Spain, France, Germany, and the UK should it eventually remain?
        Where does Ireland stand in all of this???

  2. Seems like the image you chose is now iconic.

    Do we really want to remain in an EU that condones, or at least scarcely condemns this? Why aren’t all the small and especially recently ‘liberated’ nations speaking out? Is the EU capable of reform or will it remain permanently under the domination of a few big quasi-imperial states? Even though to a large extent the Europe-wide structures of the EU render the need for large states largely redundant?? In short recent events are shook up many of my certainties … How goes it with you, a chára?

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