The Madness Of Brexit Britain, From David Trimble To Iain Duncan Smith

The insanity continues. David Trimble, the former chief of the centrist Ulster Unionist Party, now eclipsed among pro-union voters in the north-east of the country by the ultra-right Democratic Unionist Party, has taken to the pages of the conservative Spectator magazine in Britain to express more Brexiteer nonsense about Irish politics. Take this claim about an Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, as reported by an increasingly hibernophobic Sun newspaper:

What Leo Varadkar is doing is trying to appeal to Sinn Fein voters.

Yes, that’s correct. The leader of the right-wing, big business Christian Democrats in Fine Gael is trying to woo the left-leaning socialist and social-democratic supporters of Sinn Féin, and is shamefully using the United Kingdom’s difficult exit from the European Union to do so. And if we are to believe Iain Duncan Smith MP, an ex-minister and former head of the ruling Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, it’s because of an imminent “presidential election” in Ireland. One where candidates from FG and SF will be pitched head-to-head in a race for Áras an Uachtaráin, with nary another political party or rival in sight. Which might come as a surprise to the present incumbent of the honorary office.

Has the whole of civil society in the UK lost its collective fucking mind?!



  1. Did you see the Channel 4 piece where people were asked to draw the border on a map of Ireland? Unsurprisingly, they weren’t accurate.

    Brits in general have neither interest and understanding of things Irish, or any desire to learn about them.

  2. One silver lining about all this anti-Irish abuse from the British establishment ! It might, although I won´t hold my breath, wake up some of those Middle Class Irish self haters, to the reality that the Irish will always be seen as a useful scapegoat by the British supremacists whenever it suits their need to distract the British public from their own f…up´s.

  3. Your question:
    Has the whole of civil society in the UK lost its collective fucking mind?!

    My Answer:
    Not the whole of it, but a goodly chunk of it has. That is the chunk that supports Brexit.
    The rest of us watch in horror and bemusement.

  4. That Jeremy Warner quote is RICH.

    The idea of Ireland poisoning anything to do with British politics is laughable. I imagine that only someone without a clear understanding of the Irish being their own distinct people would say such a thing.

    Get ready for “No Blacks/No Dogs/No Irish” again…

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