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Former UK Government Minister Links Brexit Animosity Towards Ireland To World War II

Another day and another round of bizarre opinions from politicians in Britain as the rancorous Brexit schism between the United Kingdom and the remaining twenty-seven nation-states of the European Union continues to grow, with potentially fatal consequences for the hitherto successful Irish-British peace process. Here is Nigel Lawson, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer or finance minister in the UK, and for many years one of the most senior members of the Conservative Party under then premier Margaret Thatcher. He is talking with Pat Kenny on his Newstalk radio morning show discussing London’s attitude to the concerns of officials in Dublin and Brussels as Britain crashes out of the EU. On the suggestion that the country – or the British-administered north-east of this island – might stay in the single market and customs union, he had this historically oblivious response for his audience:

“…you become a colony of the European Union. That is something the United Kingdom is not prepared to do. Nor would the Irish Republic be prepared to be a colony. So forget that…

The problem with the Commission, is that the Commission is out to punish the UK for leaving the European Union. That is what it’s all about.

We will also maintain a special relationship with Ireland. We have always had a special relationship with Ireland. And despite the shock, and I’m old enough to remember the shock, of the decision by de Valera and the Irish government to remain neutral in the war against Hitler and Nazi Germany. That was a great shock to the British… Despite that we have retained and maintained a very special relationship… The decision to remain neutral against Adolf Hitler and Nazism, that was a shock.

Many Irishmen volunteered to fight in the British Army…

It is grossly irresponsible to say in any way that the peace is threatened by Britain.

The peace process came about, frankly, because the IRA was defeated.”

This is what happens when neo-imperialism starts deluding itself with its own myths and propaganda. Meanwhile, John Taylor, ex-deputy leader of the supposedly moderate Ulster Unionist Party and a UK parliamentarian for decades, continues to offer a vigorous defence of his description of Ireland’s taoiseach, as “the Indian”, as reported by the BBC.

The tweet has been labelled racist by Sinn Féin’s Alex Maskey and Alliance Party deputy leader Stephen Farry.

Lord Kilclooney told BBC NI’s the View that he was not a “racist”.

He added that he “stood over” what he said in the tweet.

“Reasonable people sent me messages of support and understood what I was saying. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not racist and I mix with Indian people all the time.”

Mr Varadkar was born in the Republic of Ireland and is of Indian heritage.

Behold the Brexiteers!

10 comments on “Former UK Government Minister Links Brexit Animosity Towards Ireland To World War II

  1. bullykiller

    Time to stick together and be strong! We´re seeing what is probably the start of a vicious anti-Irish onslaught from the British Colonial mindset towards our sovereignty as a Nation. The EU is far from perfect and needs reform, but the thought of ever being again under the influence of a country that holds us in such contempt should be enough for us to Man-up to these unapologetic imperialists. Here´s hoping anyway.


    • Jams O'Donnell

      And remember history. The government in Westminster should NEVER be trusted to deliver the factual content, much less the spirit, of any agreement, unless their collective nose is held to the grindstone of properly worded and signed up treaties. And even then . . .


  2. Alan Gordon

    Yes Jams O’Donnell, ” signed up treaties. And even then…..” A cautious note best heeded, probably sorely won. Over 300 years in a union and still we were taken in. The devolved parliament in Edinburgh had a clause included at the signing, in effect saying that it could not be dissolved by Westminster, ever. We were to find out this year that the Scottish Government can be dissolved. Although agreed it was never ratified. Perfidious.

    I think the finishing line is in sight. DUP laying down ultimatum over border and brexit. Have they got wind of a done deal on an all Irelnd sea border ? Then the possible toxic proving money deal between UK and EU. Plus EU stating publicly they are behind Ireland. Strong words of “EU is a family and families stick together” sub text, UK you’re out on yir ear, in the cold, you’re not in the family. Any bets for a coalition government at Westminster before next summer ? What party would pick up the brexit poison filled chalice ? Thinking about it possibly Corbyn. Either way could be good news for the border issue.


  3. Wee Jimmie

    The problem with an Irish Sea border is who would enforce it? UK Customs & Excise and Immigration would undoubtedly check anything and anyone going into Great Britain, but where would the Irish/EU customs officers be based? I can’t see them being allowed in ports in Great Britain and they’d probably be even more uncomfortable in Northern Ireland.


    • irish customs officers will manage in NI and will soon learn how to deal with the bigotry, obstructionism etc just like the rest of us!!!

      PS with regards to the conservatives linking ireland to WWII – wouldn’t worry about it! They link everybody to WWII – french, germans, poles, irish. They never, ever mention Russia’s war effort and losses.

      According to the prevailing British narrative for the past 70 odd years England won WWII single-handed, backs to the wall, standing alone, heroic rationing and 3 inches of water in baths did the trick!! etc etc.


  4. As a Scot I fully understand where Eire is coming from.


  5. The English ruling class always dress in British garb. It’s their get out clause – it wisnae me. While the spoils of Colonial conquest flow only to London. And all the while treachery, deceipt, suppression and exploitation are promoted and enhanced in the cause of Empire. And still to this day. While each generation of the oppressed produces its own harvest of the gullible and the simple, not to mention the collaborators and those destined for treason. And so, with Brexit the stage is set.


  6. TurboFurbo

    Bullykiller is right – vicious anti-Irish sentiment on the rise in Britain.

    The GFA was the biggest climb-down and humiliation for Britain since the Suez – hence many on the Right and Far Right in Britain want to destroy the GFA on account of that.


  7. Hmmm… Kilclooney protests too much. Kind of racist whatever way he cuts it.


  8. The decision to remain neutral during The Emergency and his radio address – De Valera’s finest hour?


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