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Presidential Adviser Stephen Miller Declares Trump A Political Genius As CNN Cuts Bizarre Interview Short

Of the many sycophants and flatterers surrounding Donald J Trump, none is more egregious in language and nature than the senior presidential adviser, Stephen Miller. Despite the competition of such White House apologists as Kellyanne Conway and the spectacularly duplicitous Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the careerist politico is second to none in his ideological devotion to the president. This interview with Miller and Jake Tapper on CNN is well worth a watch, not least for his reptilian shiftiness. This, apparently, is the best that the current US administration can do when it comes to rebutting the claims of the American author and journalist Micheal Wolff, in his explosive new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Dreadful.

8 comments on “Presidential Adviser Stephen Miller Declares Trump A Political Genius As CNN Cuts Bizarre Interview Short

  1. I haven’t been able to watch this.
    This man is a MADMAN. He is barking mad.


  2. bullykiller

    Miller is a creep. He´d look the part in a Nazi uniform. Has previous in Far Right BS as far as I know. Definitely something about the night with him.


  3. I have long believed that there are, around us all, in every society, people who would emerge from the woodwork, if given the opportunity to do so, who would repeat the worst inhumanity of the Nazis (or any other group for that matter). In effect, that human nature is universal. Some of the would-be gauleiters, authoritarian tyrants, killers and torturers are, no doubt, people one wouldn’t suspect in advance, who are compliant and will choose to obey if asked to. The Milgram experiment confirmed it ( and replications have gone on doing so.

    A more pernicious and despicable sort are those who suck-up to power early, eagerly, for reasons of self-advancement and who are clearly unprincipled, ruthless, naturally vicious. We have all met unpleasant, amoral individuals who would stop at nothing in the pursuit of power, and seen one on television capable of sending a chill down one’s back.

    I’m not sure if it’s my subjective reaction, or if it’s objectively the case, but the nastiest and creepiest of the latter, the ones who strike one as not just capable of cruelty but of reveling in it, seem to be physically unimpressive men. It’s not hard to imagine that they have seized an opportunity to revenge themselves on those who mocked, bullied and laughed at them when they were younger and even more pusillanimous.

    Mr Miller strikes me as one such creep. Forcibly.


  4. bullykiller

    Good Point P! A few very unimpressive physical specimens in the Hitler regime come to mind.


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