I know that some readers share my passion for the pulp art of the 1930s to early ’60s, particularly the fantastical covers which graced the science-fiction and horror magazines of the sci-fi Golden Age (Amazing Stories, Weird Tales and so on, though I also love the noir artwork of the same period). So I thought you might be interested in this upload to the Internet Archive, Sci-Fi Pulp Cover Collection Early Dates. There are some one hundred images here, in high resolution, to download and view in a variety of formats (direct PDF download here). Aside from the artwork, there is a plethora of latterly famous sci-fi and fantasy authors referenced on the covers themselves (including Arthur C Clarke and the first appearance of his short story and later novella, Earthlight).


2 comments on “Sci-Fi Pulp Cover Collection

  1. Interesting but I can’t see anything from that link.

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