The Cured, A New Zombie Movie Set In Ireland

I’m not a great fan of the zombie sub-genre, whether on television or in the cinema. That said, I did follow the early seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead until the show lost its narrative way and I greatly enjoyed the properly scary 2007 Spanish horror, REC, as well as the thrilling 2016 Korean movie, Train to Busan (watch both, if you get a chance). So this trailer for a film set in a post-outbreak Ireland, The Cured, looks interesting, with some positive reviews from industry publications like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Written and directed by relative newcomer David Freyne, its stars Ellen Page and our own Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, who was brilliant in last year’s Long Kesh escape drama, Maze. Worth a look.



    1. LOL! Not a fan of the zombie flick? Try Train to Busan. Honestly, surprisingly good fun and not to OTT in the gore terms (I stopped watching The Walking Dead because of the torture-porn factor which came to dominate later seasons).

      1. You don’t happen to know when this was shot, do you ASF? It’s just I know someone who was an extra on a zombie film last year so I imagine this is the same one. I didn’t realise it was set in Ireland.

          1. Yeah, the slow Romero-era zombies were fairly tolerable but the Word War Z types were a bit OTT. I could never get into the zombie thing. Neither really supernatural or very convincing sci-fi. Sorta falls between two genre stools. Not to mention the off-putting torture aspect to the cannibalistic goings-on. Why would I want to watch human beings in distress as entertainment?

            1. Yeah, there have been a few horror flicks shot here in recent years. The overall Irish film business is quite healthy at the moment, though we don’t have a movie industry of our own as such, just a movie service industry. It’s other people’s films shot in Ireland (usually standing in for somewhere else). Very rare to see our own dedicated cinema productions and they are normally stripped of anything too distinctively Irish in order to sell in the US or UK markets. And the lead is usually a UK star doing an oul accent.

              AMC’s the Badlands was shooting here last year. Pity it’s so awful! 😉

  1. Ireland’s horror output has been fairly consistently good in recent years. Obviously there are exceptions, like the totally execrable Let Us Prey (which was a joint-Scottish production,) but then you get absolute gems like The Hallow or Wake Wood. To me at least, this one looks to be following in the vain of those two.

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