Unseen Women: Stories from Armagh Gaol

In 2006-07, the Prisons’ Memory Archive recorded former political prisoners, staff, teachers, chaplains and lawyers as they walked around the derelict site of Armagh Gaol. Throughout the first two decades of the so-called Irish-British Troubles, the conflict in the United Kingdom’s legacy colony in the north-east of Ireland, the jail served as the only female prison in the contested region until its closure in 1986 when all of the inmates were transferred to the now infamous Maghaberry Prison. At the height of the struggle, the number of women prisoners-of-war grew from two POWs to more than one hundred by 1976. The twenty-six minute documentary by Jolene Mairs contains six five-minute extracts from each woman’s story.



  1. In my experience with the period, women are seldom mentioned as participants. I would like to hear more about the women’s involvement.

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