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Nelson McCausland And The Conspiracy To Decolonise Ireland

Nelson McCausland, the former MLA with the Democratic Unionist Party, has taken to the pages of the pro-union Belfast Telegraph newspaper to detail his discovery of a plot to undermine the United Kingdom’s control of the north-east of Ireland through the issue of Irish cultural rights. A conspiracy he links back to Sinn Féin and the Irish Republican Army, and presumably to other interested parties, including a majority of elected politicians on the island and such dire enemies of the UK as the multinational Council of Europe.

The ex-representative for North Belfast believes the latest series of events shaking the political stability of the Six Counties stems from:

…the republican view that Northern Ireland is a colony that has to be decolonised and that this will be accomplished through culture.

Gerry Adams made the same point when he said: “The revival of the Irish language is a central aspect of the reconquest.”

The strategy is to use the Irish language to Gaelicise Northern Ireland and thereby accomplish a ‘cultural decolonisation’. For them that ‘cultural reconquest’ is the first step towards a ‘political reconquest’ and a united Ireland.

In detailing his allegations, Nelson McCausland implicitly acknowledges the unspoken taboo among unionist leaders in the north of the country. The recognition that the contested territory is a legacy of Britain’s former colonial rule over the whole of the island, the last remnant of an all-Ireland British colony which retreated into a northern redoubt in the early 1920s and has existed in a state of perpetual crisis ever since.

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  1. Who would think of such a thing as the Irish wishing for independence. What will they think of next?🤔


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