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The Brexit Fantasists Long For The UK’s Hegemony Over All Of Ireland

A perfect example of the delusional thinking gripping the Brexit movement in the United Kingdom can be found in this article by David Raynes for the right-wing website, Conservative Woman (which, ironically enough, is largely devoted to publishing furious screeds by middle-aged Englishmen attacking supposedly misandrist feminists and their emasculated male compatriots). According to the opinion writer, who previously worked for the British customs service, the best long term interests of Ireland could be served if it were to:

…join the UK outside the EU, in an English-speaking mutually co-operative zone, free of the EU protectionist tendency and with the continuing free movement of people and rights to settle or work which we have had for generations…

Presumably this would be part of what another contributor to the site describes as a:

…global trading power with global interests. The first easy step to that is the Commonwealth, which spans the globe and has the potential to become a global military alliance (i.e. a means of keeping the peace). So we need to be able to lead the Commonwealth militarily…

Absolute lunatics


15 comments on “The Brexit Fantasists Long For The UK’s Hegemony Over All Of Ireland

  1. Do these lunatics want Britain to end up a European pariah with Putin’s Russia if we refuse their offer of a ‘Commonwealth’ alliance? That could inflict harmful damage on top of Brexit…….

    • The only decent country in Europe at the minute is Russia.

      • There is nothing decent about Russia since it’s a right wing kleptocracy that Trump really admires lovingly. Check out the site Byline and see who fixed the brexit vote.

        • Fixed the brexit vote? Wise up. You are being lied to. The ruling classes distract you by issuing claims like that because it safely excuses their deeds and actions from culpability. Just like Trump election it’s easier to lump the blame on a bogeyman rather than admit there are citizens that are deeply upset the way govts are treating them. Clinton insulted Americans by labelling anyone who didn’t vote for her as ‘deplorables’. The arrogance of her demanded she be taken down a peg or two and Trump was the perfect way to do so. And guess what, that arrogance doesn’t seem to have gone away so I can’t see Americans changing their minds any time soon.
          In the brexit campaign they did the same I.e implied that anybody wanting brexit was a Nazis racist bigot end of. Fact is there are people not happy with the way the EU conducts itself and thus voting for farage etc was the best way to demonstrate their contempt for the EU mandarins.

          • Alan Gordon

            I have no opinion worth mentioning with regards to America, ah but brexit now.
            Brexit has been building for 25 years, since Maastricht. It just needed a sufficiently large ďiscontent in the populace. Then EU was made into the lightening conductor for the malcontent. The press (predominantly right wing) would shield the truth, lowering living standards, low job security, zero hour contracts, ever higher housing costs (buy to let) and a rapacious financial sector. Instead they would be fed stories, a constant drip, supposedly of EU origin. Health and safety (gone mad), EU gravy train, taking your jobs, hospital, do tor appointment, straight bananas, similar cucumbers etc. The last two came from Boris Johnson when he was at the Telegraph, BoJo bollocks.
            If brexit goes tits up, which is looking likely, we can be sure of one thing this bunch of interbreeding, elitist fuckwits will not be in the firing line of the 15 million+ seriously pissed malcontents. No it will be the Irish, the Scots or the Europeans that will be fingered for denying them a Great future and the iced cream cake with the fucking cherry joob joob on top.

      • Ah, go away outta that 😉

  2. I look forward to our new/old overlords determining our participation in a global military alliance!

  3. I don’t know, the Irish! What an ungrateful bunch of savages, out there isolated on the Edge of Europe. I mean, without Mother England what would you be? Something like Iceland maybe? … … … Oh, well … um …

  4. I object to your subconscious phallocentric oppression of wimmin.

  5. The Brexiteers have rather belatedly realised that Ireland and the Border, and the presence of an international treaty are problems they need to ‘solve’ on their idealised, golden glory, non-existent days, path to the unicorn-populated sunny uplands. So new we have the Good Friday Agreement rubbished as beyond it’s best before date; and Ireland can simply come under English hegemony again. This is pathologically deluded; fixed false beliefs that are unshakeable by reason….

    • Jams O'Donnell

      You are so right! Also witness the EU’s reaction to reports of May’s away-day conference – they are dumbfounded by the continuing illusions of Having cake, eating it, re-cooking it, eating it again and finally putting it out for the birds.
      However, on the bright side, any ‘solution’ of the Irish Border Problem which does not involve the UK staying in the customs union and single market can only help to further Scottish independence.

      • It’s all getting to be a bit like a slo-mo film…the gradual destruction of the union, leaving England alone in all her might and glory.

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