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Fox News’ Sean Hannity Uses Same Lawyer As Trump

The Stormy Daniels’ controversy seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving. It has become a veritable box of delights, or horrors, providing the world with an intimate peek into the sordid private, business and political affairs of Donald J Trump and his associates. In many ways the latest twist from the FBI investigation into the suspect activities of Michael Cohen, the US president’s private attorney, is both surprising and unsurprising. Despite the best efforts of legal counsel to prevent its publication, on Monday the district court in Manhattan ordered the release of new information revealing that the lawyer also offered legal services to Seán Hannity, the Fox News host and ardent supporter of the New York businessman-turned-demagogue. The announcement of the television presenter’s name in the court was apparently greeted with gasps of surprise and laughter by the gathered press and other observers. At the very least, it further undermines the claims of the right-wing television cable network that it is not the Pravda to Trump’s new Pennsylvania Avenue Kremlin.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Independent News & Media (IN&M), currently embroiled in its own murky scandal, has successfully delayed the request by the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) that court-appointed inspectors look into the affairs of the right-wing press group. Given the slow pace of the judiciary in Ireland, this tactic might well push the data-breach controversy at IN&M from the headlines for several months. By which time the interest of the general public in an already complicated and multi-layered case will likely have moved on.

4 comments on “Fox News’ Sean Hannity Uses Same Lawyer As Trump

  1. Yeah, what’s the betting this “conflict of interest” thing will now become the next ongoing narrative, relentlessly used and turned onto his opponents by Trump, just as he did with “Fake News” against the MSM and the sex scandals against Hollywood and media types.


  2. Ffs this is a nothingburger.


    • Hardly that. It certainly adds to the impression that Hannity is an intimate part of the Trump network. And is peddling propaganda on his behalf.

      Even if one were sympathetic to the Trump cause, it’s still a damn entertaining story 😉


  3. Hannity had the same lawyer as Trump? And? This cringe outrage is getting beyond a farce. Bottom line is Fox News supports Trump and CNN supports Clinton, so what’s the big deal? As far as I can see there seems to be a battle going on within the USA Intel agencies. The FBI on one side and perhaps the CIA on the other. Or who knows as there’s something like 19 Intel agencies but one things for sure the narrative Fox News is taking regarding Syria is very welcomed by most normal people.


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