Donald Trump Launches Epic Tirade On The Fox And Friends Show

The sight and sound of the 45th President of the United States of America engaging in a thirty minute rant against his enemies, real and perceived, on a cable television breakfast show will surely go down in the annals of American political history. Donald Trump’s on-air meltdown while phoning in to the slack-jawed hosts of Fox & Friends was off the scales in terms of recognisable presidential behaviour. Even with the previous aberrant precedents set by the former New York businessman. Extraordinarily, as well as tying himself up in rhetorical and logical knots, it seems likely that Trump has undermined his own legal case in the bizarre Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels dispute.

Here are a couple of clips for you to enjoy.



  1. Seriously this anti trump thing is getting tiresome. Ironically the more they highlight Trumps contradictions the more they highlight their own. Pathetic stuff that’s best ignored I.e as long as he does the opposite of what he says foreign policy wise(“we will bomb this and bomb that”) and actually bombs very little then we shouldn’t complain. Btw the stormy Daniels thing is no different to the Clintons paying off their rape accusers albeit stormy ain’t claiming rape but rather is looking more loot it seems.

    1. I remember what Republicans did to the Clintons in the 90s, and Trump is getting a gentle ride by comparison. While I wish the Dems would drop this sour grapes fantasy that “it wuz Russia wot robbed uz” the GOP more than deserve any excrement thrown their way.

  2. In November 2016 faced with the choice of Trump or Clinton it boiled down to a choice between incompetent evil vs competent evil. It was impossible to know which of them would be the greater evil, but it was clear that the bulk of Trump’s damage would fall on the US while the bulk of Clinton’s damage would fall on countries outside the US. If the US has an appalling president it is only fair that the US suffer the bulk of the harm.

    President Trump has reversed himself on many issues he campaigned on but at least he cancelled the TPP and TTIP which had they been implemented would have locked us into a straitjacket inevitably leading to military confrontation between the US/EU and Russia/China, not that outcome isn’t off the table. President Clinton would have bombed Syria without warning the Russians first, would have attempted to install the same kind of no-fly zone her husband had in Iraq, which would have brought her into direct military confrontation with Russia.

    1. At the end of the day when Trump and Clinton went head to head there was zero evidence that Trump was as evil or willing to bomb people at the drop of a hat. Clinton had previous and her gloat over Gadaffi opened my eyes as to how deceitful this woman was and ruthless. When she let her mask slip that day her carefully constructed ‘peace loving first lady’ was exposed as a fraud. Let’s not forget it is her party and its friends in Intel and media that is driving the propaganda to blame Russia for everything and thus the present day tensions with Russia are a consequence of that. Pathetically all this propaganda is pushed to deflect the real blame for her loss I.e her.

      1. Clinton supporters refused to see how evil her Gaddafi statement was, in the same way you dismiss the evidence of Trump’s malevolent nature. Convicted of racism in housing, statements on the innocent Central Park Five, his primary and presidential campaign racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism. That Trump had not yet had the opportunity to act on his malevolence in government was the sole distinguishing feature between him and Clinton. The US electorate despised the pair of them, as evidenced by their unfavourables in the polls, before, during and since the election.

        Clinton and Trump are two cheeks of the same rancid, rotting arse.

        1. I don’t deny the allegations against Trump(I don’t know much truth about them either) but again that pales in significance as to what Clinton has been involved in. Yes the US electorate are not fond of either of cheek of this rotting arse but common sense must tell you that the mere fact that Clinton didn’t wipe the floor with him suggests ordinary citizens must know more about Clinton and her mob than what is reported?
          Personally when I witnessed her cackling with joy at the brutal murder of Gaddaffi my opinion changed about her. I began to realise that this persona we in Ireland were sold about her I.e hardworking,compassionate caring wife,mother and ‘friend to Ireland and its women’ was pure horseshxte. We were lied to purely for her selfish interests. Lest we forget.
          I am no fan of Trump but alas the option was him or her and I still think the best of a bad pair was the right choice. As of yet Trump has done lots of threats to bomb this and that but his actions tell a different story and that’s good enough for me. It makes a change from a president issuing fine peaceful orientated words but whose actions are pretty ruthless and violent allthewhile everyone thinks what a nice person they are. Actions speak louder…….

  3. It’s interesting that these comments don’t address what was in the article – namely Trump’s unhinged 30 minute rant on cable tv. They instead keep banging on about Hillary Clinton and her ‘Russian stitch up’. She lost, why keep wasting your time by telling everyone how terrible she is? You’re deluded if you think the madman who is in charge is only a threat to the USA, and not the world at large.

    1. Clinton, the DNC, Rachel Maddow, Democratic supporting blogs and commentators are still pushing the Russia conspiracy theory. This week the DNC initiated a lawsuit against the Trump Campaign, Wikileaks and Russia. It is relevant because being used to purge commentators and censor speech. It is causing a deterioration in relations between the US and Russia and is increasing the risk of a war between the two countries.

      Clinton continues to push this Russia fantasy and is fueling the above threats to world peace. Given what we know about her involvement in Libya and Syria, if she were president we would likely already be in a shooting war with Russia or at the very least have had several very close calls.

    2. Niall you are deluded if you believe all these stories about Trump are not being pushed by Clinton and her mob. She was recently mouthing in India how suppressed women lost her the election I.e she claims that the wife’s,daughters, sisters etc of bigoted white men voted for Trump because ‘their men told them to’. Seriously this woman is fxxking nuts.

  4. Better to appease Russia – sure they’re harmless! Crimea? Who’s next? You can’t really call it a conspiracy when there is ample evidence to prove otherwise.

    1. Remember what they say of history and who writes it? Believe me I have witnessed history teachers talking rubbish despite their ‘great education’. They sometimes fail to realise that they are only gleaning their knowledge from a book I.e they weren’t there. But feel free anyway to enlighten us about the ‘history’ of Crimea?

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