Harold Bornstein And Rudy Giuliani Reveal Donald Trump’s Dirty Secrets

What an extraordinary few days it has been in the crazy world of Donald J Trump. First up, the business tycoon’s personal physician, who gave the infamous ringing endorsement of then candidate Donald Trump’s supposedly superlative health in 2015, announces that his offices had been raided by the president’s henchmen in February 2017, leading to the removal of documents and other items, including photographs of the duo from the office walls. Doctor Harold Bornstein’s statement was compounded by his claim that the medical report he issued to the press on Trump’s behalf during the presidential election campaign was in fact dictated over the phone by the Republican Party nominee himself. As many observers suspected at the time.

Secondly, we have Rudy Giuliani’s sloppy interview with the conservative zealot Seán Hannity on Fox News, where the president’s legal associate visibly shocked his host by casually announcing that Donald Trump had personally reimbursed his own lawyer, Michael Cohen, when the latter paid off the businessman’s paramour, the pornstar Stormy Daniels, in 2016. While this supposedly refutes the allegations that Trump’s presidential campaign financed the bribe to buy the silence of the adult film actress it also expressly contradicts the demagogue’s own denials of secret hush-money payouts. Seriously, this craziness just writes itself.


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  1. Recall the unrelenting stonewalling the Republicans provided President Obama with for 8 years? And Obama was intelligent, educated, strategic, competent with 60 senators and a majority in Congress. Compare and contrast with the opposition the Democrats are providing President Trump.

    Thankfully Trump’s incompetent or in addition to the massive tax cut that 80% of the public did not want, the Democrats would be aiding, abetting and passing more of his (well Paul Ryan’s) atrocious agenda. Not just applauding him whenever he bombs something, somewhere, sometime.

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