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John Waters Storms Off The Eamon Dunphy Podcast

The conservative journalist and occasional tantrum-artist John Waters makes a brief appearance on The Stand, Eamon Dunphy’s current affairs’ podcast, before flouncing off in a sweary huff. Considering the convivial circumstances the writer’s unwillingness to discuss the fundamental issues under debate in the forthcoming referendum illustrates the lack of rational argument or thought on much of the “pro-life” side.


6 comments on “John Waters Storms Off The Eamon Dunphy Podcast

  1. Paddy Glynn

    Disappointing Dunphy is a NO supporter


    • Apparently he’s a “soft” No. I’m surprised to be honest. I thought he was more progressive than that.


      • He’s a funny character – a blend of progressive and not so, sometimes in the same sentence! But I can’t help but admit I kind of like him in a weird way. I was thinking – mentioned it elsewhere, we won’t be hearing too much about media elites hobnobbing together about that particular exchange, specifically the bit about ‘You told me…’ etc, from JW. Yet that’s just another in-crowd of people, even if ED was hamming it up a bit.


        • I talked about the closed bubble of the Dublin media years ago on ASF, mentioning a few of their favourite bars and restaurants, private schools and tree-shaded neighbourhoods, not to mention dynastic families of journo parents, children and even grandchildren. All work-places tend to insularity, and hooking up with ones coworkers, but it is particularly pronounced the Irish press. It is very much an in-crowd, sometimes writing more for each other than for anonymous readers, even at just a subconscious level.


  2. I lost respect for dunphy when he was recently on TV3 tonight programme sounding very much like a member of The Pale community. Ironic that he talks up SF these days. It says a lot about SF though.


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