Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Offers Paranoid Defence Of Caging Immigrant Children

An extraordinary three days in American politics as the Trump administration seeks to implement the toxic anti-immigration policies promised in the presidential campaign of 2015-16. If the hard-right and ultra-nationalist denizens of the White House can ride out this controversy one suspects that far worse lies down the road.




  1. A problem no one wants to fix (with wok-visas, for example), because it saves billions of dollars in labour costs for the already filthy rich, every year (because, hey you wouldn’t save as much if they got any social benefits from their work, right?). Both major parties in the U.S. are at fault for this human catastrophe. Of course, the moron in charge now can only make it worse (it was already very bad during the last 16 years or so). But maybe, perhaps just maybe, they should also take a look at the humanitarian crisis of those (children and adults) already in the country. Many live in scenarios like the middle of the desert in trailer parks with no potable water, while their employer (many of who claim to be “progressive”) builds (tax-deductable) hospital wings for tens and hundreds of millions of dollars with his or her name on them (that would mean to expose that this is just an all-across-the-board, politically independent capitalist exploitation venture, that all the wealthy and mighty are sullying themselves with. Then, because all of that isn’t bad enough, they use the children as bait and pawns in their political schemes. Another huge stain on the “land of the free”.

  2. The scape goating phase of the march to fascism is now on the upswing and both parties are continuing their decades long march rightward.

    Joe Manchin senator of WV just won the Democratic primary and has said he is not ruling out supporting Trump in 2020. Governor Cuomo in NY continues to split a handful of conserva-Dems out of their caucus to create a Republican majority in the legislature. The DNC is adding a rule that looks to be set up to exclude Sanders from the 2020 primary. The primary rift between Sanders progressives and Clinton neoliberals continues to rage with increasing venom. The Dems should be romping home in the 2018 midterms and while it is too early to tell it is possible it will instead be a repeat of 2002.

  3. Sorry nothing paranoid in suggesting clintonites are making an issue out of this immigration issue. Fact is we in Ireland don’t really know what the deal is with Americans being so roused to get worked up about immigration. Logically I would get annoyed if my govt was permitting ‘illegal’ people to enter my country and do as they wished I.e to the detriment of my safety and my families safety.
    Also, Conway alludes to the possibility that child trafficking could be taking place. That should also be scrutinised and not dismissed as paranoia and thus logically it would be wise to seperate the adult from the kid. It does happen, child trafficking you know. More often than people care to admit and that is shameful.

  4. USA will look back in time with shame at the antics of Trump and wonder how all this happened, like the way Japanese Americans were disgracefully treated in WW2

    1. Not just Trump, but also Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc… Not one of them did anything to solve the problem. Like we today look at our Irish ancestors in black and white pictures of servitude under the British, the child labour markets, the laundries, they will, in living colour, look back at the sweat shops in the big cities, the shanty towns in the deserts near the farms, the letters of cries for help by the political prisoners making product abroad, children picking coffee, coca, tobacco, and marijuana at gun point, the pictures of indentured serfs at the mansions of the ultra rich, the reports of using children for political barter, etc, etc, and they will wonder why everyone looked away. The reason they will wonder is because the fat cats that were getting even fatter from it, will have written history and laid the blame solely on the corrupt politicians of the day (who they paid off in the first place) while crowning themselves heroes of innovation and progress. Kind of like it happened after the industrial revolution. It’s all about money. None of them should be left off the hook. They are all to blame for this.

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