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58% Of British Voters Have Little Or No Understanding Of The UK Border Issue In Ireland

Another day, another Brexit-related poll, this time examining the views of people living in the United Kingdom. Asked by the survey company Survation for the ITV television show, Good Morning Britain, just over 36% of UK voters claimed to have a good or a very good knowledge of the divisive issue of the frontier around the country’s legacy colony in the north-east of Ireland. However nearly 58% of respondents said they had little or no knowledge of the question, or that they had never heard of it in the first place!

From the Brexit Anniversary Poll:

Which of the following best describes your understanding of the current Irish border issue?

10.7% – I have a very good understanding of the Irish border issue

25.7% – I have a good understanding of the Irish border issue

38.5% – I have a limited understanding of the Irish border issue

13.0% – I don’t know anything about the Irish border issue

6.3% – I haven’t heard of the Irish border issue

5.9% – Don’t know

Meanwhile, Timothy Bradshaw, a junior cleric in the British state religion, panders to the lunatic fringe of Brexiteers who subscribe to the increasingly deranged right-wing website, The Conservative Woman:

It has become clear that the EU does not want a ‘no deal’, since it is issuing daily threats to the UK, from Galileo to security sharing, to hampering holiday flights to Europe, to treating UK citizens post-Brexit as a kind of lower caste, to generating new civil war by the IRA.

Yep, the European Union is threatening to revive the demobilised Irish Republican Army to intimidate the United Kingdom into accepting a final settlement that Brussels knows will be unpalatable to the UK’s government, parliament and people. It’s 1998 all over again!



5 comments on “58% Of British Voters Have Little Or No Understanding Of The UK Border Issue In Ireland

  1. Are you really surprised, a Shionnaich? Apart obviously from those with family etc. in Ireland, Brits generally don’t really think very much about Ireland, at least not until the natives are revolting. Admittedly the DUP are pretty revolting, and in the unusual and rather delicate position of potentially being able to bring down the Tory WM government, but then if they did that and an election followed, they’d hardly be likely to continue to hold the balance of power. But anyway, Brits on the whole don’t give a toss about Ireland, N or S. They’d probably be quite happy for NI to be towed out into mid-Atlantic and sunk, were that only possible!

    What I don’t understand is how, after all these decades of trouble and strife and uncertainty, there’s anyone left in NI. You’d have thought that over the years republicans would have moved to the Republic and loyalists without any catholics to kick, would have gravitated to England or Scotland. They must all be sadists. Why not an Anglo-Irish agreement to seal the whole place off with both a solid land border and an Irish Sea border too? 😉


    • Why did the British stay in London during the Blitz? Why did everyone in southern England not relocate to Scotland? Or Canada? Attachment to place, to one’s home, is a powerful force.


      • Well the kids were evacuated …
        But, no, there’s no real comparison IMO. The blitz was very nasty but of limited duration, and bound to end one way or another when the war was won or lost. NI was (is?) an ongoing crappy situation. Why stick around to be shat upon from a great height by the Poddies when you could move a couple of dozen miles to a place where you’d be a fully respected citizen, and this continued year after year and generation after generation with little hope of any real change? Even if older people felt rooted, as it were, wouldn’t you have expected the young adults to have flitted?


  2. Jeffbemused

    Here is my favourite loony right wing website….
    Let’s look forward to embracing the benefits of being a fully self-governing nation state once again


    • I think he’s a bit too wordy and cerebral. Brexit is basically a gut reaction, a group vomiting session. Altogether now with passion 😉


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