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Ana Kasparian And The Young Turks Attack Dave Rubin

Many readers will be aware of Dave Rubin, the newest self-made YouTube celebrity on the libertarian right in the United States of America. Broadcasting from his home, literally a studio in his garage, he publishes almost weekly interviews on the Google platform with largely conservative – and usually controversial – figures from the US and the United Kingdom. These include hard-right advocates like Ben Shapiro and publicity-seeking trolls like Milo Yiannopoulos, giving the videos something of a gonzo feel at times (as in this bizarre on-air shouting match between right-wing converts Candace Owen and Blaire White).

However many people will be unaware of Dave Rubin’s brief tenure with The Young Turks, the liberal YouTube-based media company, founded by Cenk Uygur. The former standup comedian appeared on several TYT shows before leaving under something of a cloud, the exact circumstances of which continue to be contested by both sides. Now, after many years of silence, and with Rubin’s star rising, former colleague Ana Kasparian has ripped into her internet rival, in a very bitter and very personal diatribe. Though, in fairness, her criticisms of the New Yorker’s poor political knowledge and frequent flirtations with the alt-right are well-founded, even if his motivations are possibly not as mercenary as she claims.



1 comment on “Ana Kasparian And The Young Turks Attack Dave Rubin

  1. You spelled libertarian left wrong.

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