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DUP MP: “Build It As High As You Like, That Wall, That Border”

The British journalist and broadcaster Shelagh Fogarty on her popular LBC radio show in Britain responding to a caller’s claim that the Democratic Unionist Party doesn’t want the return of a hard border or militarised frontier around the UK-administered Six Counties:

“Well you say the DUP don’t, but I won’t name this particularly DUP MP. But one said to me not that long ago. Build it as high as you like, privately. Build it as high as you like. That wall, that border…

It doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t matter what the context is. If their passionate private view is build a wall between north and south that’s their passionate private view.

I only raise that comment because it puts pay to your idea that nobody wants it, some people do want it.”

Indeed they do.

2 comments on “DUP MP: “Build It As High As You Like, That Wall, That Border”

  1. of course the DUP want a wall – look at how many so-called “peace walls” have sprung up in belfast since the GFA. They love walls and diverging from the rest of ireland and the Uk if it comes to that. can’t help thinking of another brick in wall


  2. Yeah, I’ve always found the line that there’s no one in the DUP who wants it to be very unlikely indeed, and in that I mean people who are MPs or other elected reps. It just doesn’t make sense given what they’ve said over the years, their hostility to the GFA/BA etc, their inconsistency in regard to who they sit on platforms with and so on.


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