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Will The DUP Get Further Protection For British Army Killers?

The news that the Democratic Unionist Party may have secured a major concession from the Conservative Party government in the United Kingdom on the question of issuing a de facto amnesty to the country’s military, paramilitary and intelligence personnel for actions committed in Ireland during the course of the Irish-British Troubles comes as no surprise. The DUP leader Arlene Foster has been a prominent figure among a chorus of right-wing politicians, journalists and veterans in the UK demanding special protection for those who participated in Britain’s three-decade “Dirty War” in the nation’s legacy colony across the Irish Sea. And it seems that one is on the way, however deceitfully phrased or presented. From The Daily Telegraph:

In a significant breakthrough, sources in Belfast and Whitehall claim that the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and Gavin Williamson [Secretary of State for Defence] are now “on the same page” and are discussing proposals which they hope will be approved by the Attorney General.

The plans, which are yet to be signed off by Number 10, would bring about new protections for veterans…

So the British veterans of the 1966-2005 Troubles, the death squad killers of the Military Reaction Force and the child-murderers of the Parachute Regiment, may now live in peace while the families of their Irish victims will continue to live with no hope of justice for their slain loved ones.

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  1. theotherside gave letters of assurance to more than 200 IRA suspects in the years after the Northern Ireland peace agreement telling them they were no longer wanted by the police.IRA killed killed children and sectarian murders, Ten Protestant textile workers were shot to death by an IRA gang of at least 11 members on January 5th, 1976, near the village of Kingsmill in south Armagh., no so long ago celebrated by a SF MP who stepped down to save face


  2. Does the UK govt get something for this from the DUP I wonder?


    • Until today DUP votes supported PM may’s administration and push for brexit. Now the DUP appear to have changed their tune


  3. British govt policy from the early 1970s (if i am not mistaken) was, and has always been, to protect British forces – whatever they did.


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