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Tony Parsons And Brexit’s No Surrender Paranoia

Yet another example of the deranged thinking, the paranoia and suspicion, the chauvinism and supremacism, fuelling the war-obsessed Brexit movement in the United Kingdom, this time from the tabloid newspaper columnist and author Tony Parsons writing in The Sun:

Theresa May’s lousy Brexit deal has little chance of making its way past Parliament.

Even if “just getting on with it” means our country — not invaded for 1,000 years — becomes a colony of Brussels.

The British people are sick of being BULLIED.

…we are sick of being bullied by Brussels.

From the first to the last, our “friends and partners” in Brussels have treated this country with sneering disrespect.

Even when they come from countries where they would be speaking German if it wasn’t for our fathers and grandfathers.

May’s lousy stinking deal would leave us shackled to the European Union but with no say on how that incompetent, job-shredding empire is run.

President Emmanuel Macron, that numpty ­Napoleon…

The thuggish Martin Selmayr, the EU’s chief Brit-hating bureaucrat…

But who do you think you are kidding, Mister Selmayr, if you think this old country’s done?

I just can’t believe that this proud, free nation will bend the knee and capitulate to Brussels.

I can’t believe we will cravenly accept Nanny May’s warning that we must become an EU colony…

But I do know this is still a great country.

And nothing terrifies me more than being a colony of Brussels.

…Mrs May’s deal throws away freedoms that better men than me fought and died for.

They are bullying us.

And there will be more bullying to come — for decades, forever — if we do not stand up to them now.

But this nation has not waved the white flag for one thousand years.

Tell me — are we really going to start now?

These bellicose and conspiratorial opinions are not being posted by some far-right provocateur on an InfoWars-style website in the UK. They are being published by a mainstream journalist in a mainstream national newspaper in London with a readership numbering in the millions. Which partly explains why a sizable chunk of the “Greater England” electorate seems to have passed a point of no return as far as the European Union is concerned. And why a British Brexit, at least for this generation of voters, on the basis of the draft withdrawal agreement is now the only viable option for all sides.

19 comments on “Tony Parsons And Brexit’s No Surrender Paranoia

  1. Lol, I hate to break it to you Seamus but InfoWars also has a readership that numbers in the millions, probably tens of millions also…. have you ever read The Sun before?


    • Yeah, but InfoWars is not a mainstream publishing entity with the “legitimacy” label that brings. Even if its is The Sun. And the tabloid newspaper is a staple diet for a certain section of UK readers. Sure, I know its reputation and I’ve seen plenty of egregious Irish reporting. But Parsons was a staple of late night BBC2 broadcasts at one stage. He’s a journalist and author. He brings a better reputation than an InfoWars writer. Which makes his paranoia worse.


      • Pat murphy

        I’m sorry ASF but you appear to be falling into the trap of the MSM in so much that you give any credence to the rantings of a corner boy paper. Have you not learned anything. That so called paper has one use and one use only, even though it may be a bit uncomfortable, and that is as a poor substitute for those rolls the little golden retreaver plays with. I will have no option but to stop reading your excellent blog if you continue with this behaviour.


  2. “British Brexit, at least for this generation of voters, on the basis of the draft withdrawal agreement is now the only viable option for all sides.”
    However, there is a majority in the UK – and probably a majority among MPs as well – which opposes it, either because they oppose withdrawal at all or because they reject what is effectively a treaty to remain in the EU with no voice in its decisions.
    In fact, looking at what is happening in other EU countries, the case for remaining grows steadily weaker. Orban, Le Pen and Italy’s 5-star make Nigel Farage – and possibly even Parsons – look like a model of sanity.


  3. Tony Parsons and his one-time wife Julie Birchall, were trendy lefty writers for the NME back in the day, both in their own ways have jumped onto the Right Wing battlewagon as its the current political fashion at the moment, he is just parroting the same chant from the Sun, Telegraph, Express and Daily Mail. The victim narrative just shows that they have no intelligent arguments left and it’s rather an infantile response


    • Was it left wing really, or more a bit leftish, a bit anarchist, a bit situationist (though she has made great play of being a ‘Stalinist’ across the years). though as you say even that dropped away as time went on. Christ knows it’s a long way from the NME they are now.


  4. Another pathetic Anglo Saxon, living on what grandpa and great grandpa did; reminds one of Trump, and we all see how well that’s working out……………….

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    • Honestly? Trump is not an Anglo-Saxon if that matters. He’s mostly of German origins. (Like a lot of his Midwestern supporters.)


  5. Check out the first line of his wikipedia entry.


  6. Parsons was wise enough to divorce Julie “hates Palestinians” Burchill, nuff said.


  7. Parsons columns about his dear old da who served in World War 2 as a Marine Commando tells you all you need to know about him. When 9/11 happened he was one of the cheerleaders for the Wars that followed it. The guy is a War Whore who married a serial man hater. I wouldn’t compare him to Christopher Hitchens though at least he was a good writer.


  8. Hitchens of course. Parsons I remember on Late Review he came across as a spoilt sulking child.


  9. Was that Parsons, or was it the Murdoch prose-bot (as used in all his festering organs)? Does it matter?

    The British executive is being ‘bullied’ by the British parliament surely.

    I love the way the first item on the Brit executive’s agenda when they have to give ground is the backstop.

    Whatever happens (given the movement within the British parliament I’d accept somewhat longer odds on a no-deal than before – but then the clock has ticked down some more – who knows) the UK is locked in an ongoing constitutional and political crisis, with no end in sight.


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