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TRT World: Ireland’s Brexit Trouble

The Turkish news channel, TRT World, has published a short documentary on YouTube presented by the South African-born journalist and author Imran Garda, examining the destabilising effects of the United Kingdom’s determination to withdraw from the European Union on the finely balanced peace in the UK’s remnant colony in the north-east of the island of Ireland.

3 comments on “TRT World: Ireland’s Brexit Trouble


    Even though “The Cork Milita bate the Turks at Waterloo”…?


  2. Sigh!! If the Brits had to do this Brexit thing, they probably should have gone for a Norweigan model.

    It would have allowed for keeping the Good Friday Agreement intact. And probably would have been better for Britain the a hard Brexit as well.


  3. TurboFurbo

    Interesting Documentary and well-made.

    “Where is the future of this country (sic) – part of the UK or part of a Re-united Ireland”

    – Jeffrey Donaldson, DUP
    Progress I would say to see a hardline Unionist openly and publicly admit that a Re-United Ireland is now on the front-burner.

    Near the end, the 2 Unionist North soccer pub fans readily admit that they voted “Leave” to quote “keep out the Muslims”.
    The interviewer responds by advising them that he sees no evidence whatsoever of any Muslims in the North to which they then reply – “but they’re coming”.

    Sweet Babby Jebus – at least these Unionists publicly blurted out their deep-seated racism for all and sundry to see as if it is the most natural thing in the world – which, of course, is the case for many Unionists in the North.


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