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The Burkean Journal

Speaking of right-wing media, The Burkean Journal is an interesting publication. Launched in the latter half of 2017, with funding from the controversial businessman Declan Ganley, it began life as an online student magazine for the conservative clique in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) before taking on a more national role. Though not formally affiliated to the Edmund Burke Institute (EBI), a free-market educational charity founded in 1988, there does seem to be some cross-over between both groups, with shared initiatives and joint appeals for donations. As for the content, it is pretty typical libertarian fare, very much in the mode of the contemporary “classical liberal” tendency in the United Kingdom where some sentiments tend to blur into the edges of the alt-right spectrum in the Anglosphere. Hence we have a review of a book examining the YouTube celebrity Jordan Peterson written by Theodore Beale, the avowed White Supremacist better known as Vox Day, sitting alongside articles bewailing the availability of gender studies in the education system. Of course the usual suspects on the Irish political right are given a feature or two, from the ubiquitous John Waters to the rosary-rattling David Quinn. All in all, The Burkean Journal is a professional-looking magazine, a cut above the far-right websites discussed in previous posts, more traditionally conservative and nationalist in tone, and with a healthy online following. Still, I won’t be adding it to my regular reading list anytime soon though it does provide a provocative window into libertarian-style thinking in Ireland.

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