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Dutch Warning: UK Insistence On No Backstop Could Bring Back The Troubles

In the video clip below, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, expresses his frustration with the United Kingdom’s continued opposition to the backstop protocol in the draft withdrawal agreement between the UK and the European Union, and its inability to offer an alternative mechanism to prevent the possible return of a hard border and violent conflict in Ireland. The politicians of Europe get the importance of protecting and promoting the Good Friday Agreement and the Irish-British peace process while the politicians of Britain seem either not to understand or not to care about the accords as long as they get Brexit.

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5 comments on “Dutch Warning: UK Insistence On No Backstop Could Bring Back The Troubles

  1. Jack Hawkins

    – The Irish Army has completed a confidential mapping of the Northern Ireland Border ahead of Brexit that has found substantially more routes. Irish Independent, Dec 16th,2018
    A hard Border will happen post-Brexit, the former head of the World Trade Organisation has said. Pascal Lamy ., Whatever option you take, either a bilateral agreement or the WTO option, UK exiting the EU, meaning Northern Ireland exiting the EU, this will necessitate a border,” “There will have to be a border because you need to check the goods and the people. You have to check that if there are duties, those duties are paid.”


  2. Absolutely correct Jack Hawkins. Whatever way you odds it there has to be a border and checks will be required on people and goods.

    The Brexiteers understand that fully.

    Indeed, Stanley Johnson the father of Boris opined helpfully that Margaret Thatcher knew how to erect a border and who cares if Irishmen start shooting each other.

    That sadly is the nature of the Britnat.


  3. DUP’s attitude to fresh food shortages let them go down to the chippy instead. According to Caroline Lucas the Green MP.


    • It’s the chipper response of a party in charge as they pull May and the Westminster government’s strings.

      Be most interesting as to how chipper they’ll be when folks start losing their jobs – Bombardier being the current major job fear.

      For the time being however Arlene and Co will continue to tell Theresa what goes, and one can’t help think that the DUP see a hard border as restoration of the feted seige walls in Derry.


  4. Graham Ennis

    We are now entering the very last phase of the struggle to regain irish independence and recovery of the northern occupied territory. Awful, grim, words. That is where we are now heading. But via a struggle, that the slightest misunderstanding or miscalculation by Uk politicians, utterly ignorant of irish history, and deeply racist towards the irish, could plunge the whole thing into a violent and bloody struggle. this is unbelieveable. Relentlessly, the UK political right are forcing irish history down its usual horrific path. We did not ask for this, we did not want it, and it is being forced upon us. God help us all.


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