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EU Brexit Negotiator Sabine Weyand Tears Apart The UK’s Fake Backstop Claims

A rare press appearance by Sabine Weyand, the European Union’s Deputy Chief Negotiator for Brexit, where the German-born diplomat absolutely eviscerates the false and misleading claims being put forward by UK politicians and journalists in relation to the Backstop Protocol in the Draft Withdrawal Agreement between Brussels and London. Fortunately, Europe’s leading negotiators are having none of Britain’s Brexit perfidy.

11 comments on “EU Brexit Negotiator Sabine Weyand Tears Apart The UK’s Fake Backstop Claims

  1. So..I voted leave..and my vote is worth less than the minority who voted stay? Plus I am a knuckle dragger? Well, that Ph.D at Cambridge was a waste of time!


    • Seamus Mallon

      Seems it was.


    • The UK insisted on a British backstop in it’s negotiations with the EU, replacing just an Irish one. The original backstop protocol applied solely to the 6 Counties. Britain wanted it to be wider and got it’s way. Then changed its mind! So your indignation should be reserved for May and Foster, the authors of the debacle! 😉


      • Believe me, my indignation IS reserved for May and Foster. While they live;)


      • A backstop for the six counties – their effective retention in the EU, in fact, as originally proposed, and their economic isolation from the rest of the UK – would be impossible to enforce without British acquiescence and assistance. In fact, Britain wanted much more than a mere backstop, That was the most the EU would offer, however.
        It is hardly “perfidy” for the parliament of the UK to reject a proposal put forward by the British government, unless you believe the obligation of parliament is to do without demur what the government wants.,


    • Terence Callachan

      Ph.D doesn’t make you smart in everything,don’t beat yourself up about it,just accept that you made a poor decision, it happens .

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  2. Jack Hawkins

    DUP getting nervous as they know a lot of angry people there will lose their jobs. The cold reality of WTO terms will be a good lesson to those who spouted of an Empire 2


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