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Video: Brexit-Supporting Tory MP David Davies Called A “Traitor” By An Irate Brexit Supporter

Brexit meets Tory as the Conservative Party and Leave-supporting MP David Davies is confronted by a Leave-supporter during an interview with the “lying” BBC outside the Palace of Westminster. Is this what they mean by “Faragism”?

10 comments on “Video: Brexit-Supporting Tory MP David Davies Called A “Traitor” By An Irate Brexit Supporter

  1. The revolution eats its own.

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  2. gendjinn

    Latest news is the cabinet expects May to step down and/or cancel the 4th WAB vote – which she is expected to lose again. She is doing neither and members of the cabinet are briefing that they expect her gone in days.

    Neither May nor her successor is getting the WAB through this parliament. There are not going to be future status or trade talks with the EU until the WAB is ratified. If Johnson ends up PM the prospect of a hard Brexit becomes an almost certainty and that means a hard border in Ireland.

    In the most recent LG, WM & Stormont elections Unionist FPV were less than 50%, which has precedence. What is new is the size of the Other FPV exceeded the difference between Nationalist & Unionist FPV. I expect the EU results to conform to this and if Unionism is reduced to 1 EU seat, it will be a clear sign that we have entered the transition period to a UI.

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    • There are some late indicators that the unionist vote may turn out, keeping that second seat in the pro-union camp, but it’s hard to gauge if that is just unionist hope or nationalist fear.


      • gendjinn

        With the warmer weather it may impact turnout in the older Unionist base but I think it is more likely there is an increase similar in size and voting pattern as the LG, or more unlikely a WM/Assembly level turnout as electorate wishes to register opinion on Brexit.

        Have to wait till Monday to unwrap.


  3. Wee Jim

    Any relation to David Davis?


  4. The State will be happy as long as people vote in the EU election I.e by sleight of hand the leavers will be offering their consent to be participating in the EU. Terry May reports resignation are but ploys to incite voters to turn out and vote.


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