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ASF: Gone Fishing. Or In This Case, Studying!

As some readers may have noticed in recent weeks there has been a marked reduction in the number and frequency of new posts and articles for An Sionnach Fionn. Unfortunately my plans for an engineering degree have gone somewhat awry as I’ve struggled with my online and in-class studies while coping with an extremely demanding day-to-day job (which itself has greatly expanded in responsibilities and tasks since I enrolled in the course last year). So I’ve sort of jumped ship onto an education path more suited to my technology experience and interests, as well as the time constraints I’m working under. Thankfully this is going far better, like exponentially better, and it has already opened up new opportunities for me in the areas of network engineering and information security (or cybersecurity as all the cool kids like to call it!).

For ASF that means a somewhat curtailed publishing schedule, since I don’t want to compromise on the quality or originality of the posts I’m writing (which might have been the case in recent weeks). The website is not going anywhere, but the almost daily publication of articles and posts will be rarer as I get deeper into my studies and start banging out those professional certifications. Thanks to everyone who sticks with the site and apologies in advance for the future – if hopefully occasional – periods of intermittent service.

4 comments on “ASF: Gone Fishing. Or In This Case, Studying!

  1. Best of luck with your studies Seamas. Am sure you will do very well in them. Don’t worry about not posting too often. We’ll still all be here when you can manage it!

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  2. Pat Murphy.

    Keep studying seamus as my late mother used to say educations easily carried. Best of luck. Pat. (And interesting times ahead.)

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  3. Alan Gordon

    All power and health to you. I’m sure you’ll do well with your studies.

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  4. You know, I think you will do well in those fields. Just the way you come across here. Good luck!!


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