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“Anti-Government Forces”. The New Politics Of Brexit Britain

Britain’s Express title may have abandoned its pretensions to be a newspaper, given its fondness for publishing conspiracy theories and invented stories, but plenty of people still read it, especially in the English heartlands. Which makes this deranged call to Brexiteer arms by the right-wing columnist Leo McKinstry all the more alarming. Especially as the Belfast-born writer should – and does – know better having spent much of his career castigating the late Reverend Ian Paisley and the DUP for stirring up militant emotions while denying any ownership or blame for the violent consequences of those emotions.

Parliament holds the destiny of our nation in its hands this week. If MPs choose to back the Tory Government’s robust policy on EU withdrawal, then the referendum decision finally will be implemented, enabling Britain to embrace a new era of independence. But if MPs defeat Boris Johnson, then our country will be plunged into deepening crisis and humiliation, made all the worse by the chance that Jeremy Corbyn could emerge from the chaos to seize power.

“No one is in any doubt. It is this week or never,” said one plotter.

The sudden rise in pressure brought thousands to the streets on Saturday to protest… accompanied by frenzied language from a host of Left-wing politicians and anti-Brexit campaigners.

Beyond such tinpot revolutionary agitation, the anti-Brexiteers are stepping up their plots at Westminster.

But victory for anti-Government forces in Parliament would be a disaster…

The pro-EU brigade’s phoney indignation about the constitution is just a cover for their worship of Brussels’ power.

These anti-Brexit fanatics trumpet the fact that 1.6 million people have signed a petition against prorogation but that total pales beside the 17.4 million who voted Leave.

The Remoaner insurrection against the people must not succeed.

A new type of Paisleyism has succeeded in transforming the language and the modus operandi of British politics. As a result the most ardent supporters of Brexit, those who have perfected the rhetoric of “them” and “us”, of “loyalist” and “traitor”, shouldn’t be surprised if it eventually manifests itself in the streets and communities of Britain too.

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  1. ar an sliabh

    “The Remoaner insurrection against the people must not succeed.” I have had rare occasion to laugh so hard. Their politics have truly taken a turn to the absurd.


  2. I thought it was well nigh impossible for me to be embarrassed any more about someone being from this neck of the woods, unfortunately Mr McKinstry has proved me wrong. Dangerous clown that he is.


  3. EU negotiations are apparently a sham according to a leak from #10.

    Looking like it’s trigger a GE when the UK Dáil returns or it’s no deal Brexit.

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    • Yeah, read that too. Interesting and probably accurate. It’s all game play by Brexiteer backroom zealots.


    • And according to a Daily Telegraph correspondent. Which must be a bit of an embarrassment for the Tories seeing as, even aside from its Johnston connection and that Gove’s wife works for the DT, its virtually the party’s in-house newspaper.


  4. The MP Phillip Lee has defected from the Tories to the Liberal Democrats.

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  5. Express is now owned by the Trinity Group, the owners of the Daily Mirror, an anti-Brexit paper. it was stated on its take over that it would continue with its right-wing views to cater for their market share. About 25years ago it tried a left-wing view which caused a massive slump in sales. It caters for those Sun readers who have some pretensions to a higher “Intellect”, but it has zero influence on the Tories as the Daily Mail and the Telegraph are the two house journals of the Tories.


  6. Talking of the ostentatious defection of Dr Phillip Lee from the Tories to the Lib Dems, I listened to an interview with him on B.B.C. Radio 4’s evening news yesterday, conducted by Evan Davies. It was a rather cosy affair and I waited in vain for Dr Lee to be asked what I thought was the obvious question, i.e. ” you stood and were elected on a manifesto promising to honour the result of the 2016 referendum, but have now joined a party which is dedicated to overturning the result of that referendum, will you now do the honourable thing and resign your seat and give your constituents the opportunity to make their judgment on your decision?” I wait with bated breath to see if Dr Lee will demonstrate his devotion to democracy and go back to the demos in his leave-voting constituency to give them the opportunity to endorse his defection
    On the question of whether meaningful negotiations are going on between the E.U. and Johnson’s government. Of course they’re not. Why on earth would Michel Barnier and co. engage in any substantive negotiations, or make any concessions under the present circumstances? The E.U.’s supporters in Westminister are currently engaged in a process designed to scupper Brexit though, of course, it’s being spun as a process to stop a no deal Brexit, so Barnier et al can put their feet up and wait for the outcome, their job is being done for them. The only circumstances in which a real negotiation will occur, will be if Johnson wins an overall majority in the coming election. Any other result and the champagne corks will be flying in Brussels.


    • On the Labour side it’s patently obvious Corbyn and co are frightened of a GE as they too declared they would honour the brexit result. Only liars and propaganda would say differently. The British public are being treated as if they are stupid………the next GE will prove or disprove that theory.


  7. According to the BBC’s Newsnight the British Government is planning for a NI only backstop.


  8. I see Arlene Foster is talking about reaching out to others who are not Unionists again. She is obviously worried about Boris chucking the DUP under the bus.


    • Unionists, ethnic minorities, and at the back of the bus, northern nationalists. The order of her latest outreach was very deliberate. But of course, most of the press fails to challenge her on that or offer criticisms of such a pointed political message.


  9. Brexitannia is going down an Orbánist road. As such they will need enemies within and enemies without.

    And a spectrum of semi-state-sponsored violence.

    The population are being softened up for this.


    • I don’t think there will be state-sponsored violence, as such. More along the lines of winding people up through speeches and rallies and then washing your hands of the effects of that winding. DUP-style.

      In any case, the violence, if it occurs, won’t be Troubles-level bad in the UK. More 1970s, ’80s-style unrest and agitation. If deaths were to occur it would be the exception rather than the rule.

      Though one caveat. A Scottish independence “Yes” vote? Given recent events in Glasgow, that might be a different kettle of fish.


  10. I see that the Scottish Court of Appeal has rejected the suspension of the House Of Commons saying that it is unlawful.


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