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David Petraeus Defends British Army Just Days Before New Accusations Of War Crimes

The apparent support expressed by David Petraeus, the disgraced former United States Army general, for the controversial campaign in the United Kingdom demanding legal immunity from investigation and prosecution for military or terrorist crimes committed by the UK Armed Forces during the so-called Troubles, certainly came at the worse time for the amnesty-favouring soldier turned right-wing pundit. Less than a week after his declaration condemning the “unfair pursuit of British soldiers”, including Britain’s alleged “Dirty War” strategist Frank Kitson, and the application of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) to battlefield situations, we have news of a major investigation by the BBC and the Sunday Times newspaper accusing successive UK governments of concealing the criminal actions of the British Army in Afghanistan and Iraq. These actions include the murder of civilians, notably children, and the use of torture and rape as weapons of war.

From the Guardian:

The year-long investigation claims to have found evidence of murders by an SAS soldier, as well as deaths in custody, beatings, torture and sexual abuse of detainees by members of the Black Watch.

A senior SAS commander was referred to prosecutors for attempting to pervert the course of justice, the investigation claims.

Of course, Petraeus is currently undergoing a carefully managed relaunch in the US where he is being presented as an expert on “terrorism” and Middle East affairs.


8 comments on “David Petraeus Defends British Army Just Days Before New Accusations Of War Crimes

  1. This is a classic game disgraced generals play world over. Try to look important.

    Also when Petraeus was disgraced there was a complex sequence of events and there was a lot of debate about who was to blame for what-except the extramarital affair part.

    It’s not so much a relaunch as two things. One a lot of people always believed he was never to blame for anything-except adultery. Another is that a large chunk the the population in The Deep South has a mindset that “the liberals” are out to get military men (whom they tend to idolize to an unrealistic degree for any mere mortal)-and will tend to rally around one faced with any accusation whatsoever.

    My guess is that Petraeus wants to “look smart” things he can say without to much controversy,


  2. I watched the BBC’s Panorama programme on this last night. Absolutely horrendous stuff. It would have made you cry, in helpless anger and pity. Thank God for whistleblowers and equally fearless investigative journalism.


    • Thank God for whistleblowers Tamam but look at the personal cost.

      Julian Assange being a prime example his personal Hell brings into sharp focus how rotten and corrupt the UK system is.

      Trumped up charges, detention, solitary confinement, it’s all in place.


    • Agreed. For all the complaints about fake news, lamestream media, journalistic bias and so on, thank god for journalism of whatever nature. It might be imperfect, and we all have our examples, but I’d rather have the press than not.


  3. Collapse of Swedish frame-up of Julian Assange:

    Ref the BBC and ‘fearless journalism’. One must use any weapon to expose the crimes of the oppressors; but one must, given the perpetual lying and propaganda by said BBC, also beware of Greeks bearing gifts.


  4. The BBC continually repeated the lie of ” rape charges” against Assange. There were never any charges against Assange.
    The BBC, and The Guardian, are peddlers of CIA/MI5 frame-up lies.


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