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1911 New York City In 4K, 60FPS Colour Film

Featured below is a fascinating eight minutes of film recorded on the streets of New York City in 1911 by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern during a trip to the United States and upscaled using modern video standards by the YouTuber Denis Shiryaev. Among the enhancements applied to the original footage is a boost to 60 frames per second, 4k image resolution and sharpness, machine-applied colourisation, and audio effects taken from the work of another YouTuber, Guy Jones. The end product makes for almost eerie viewing.

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  1. You know I just learned what happened to ta lot of those old Trolley cars like the one you see. Many of them were shipped to Japan after WWII. The car companies really pushed cars as the future, and the idea that buses would be public transit-and that as a welfare program not for the general populus.

    I just found that out getting involved with a local Trolley Museum. Its founder was traveling in Japan and somebody upon hearing he was from Phoenix showed him one of the old Phoenix Trolley cars in a sort of machine graveyard-really by chance. His grandfather had worked on the old Trolley system and father had been one of MacArthur’s soldiers before and after WWII. He got a sort of “Field of Dreams” like impulse saying “I have to bring this car back home”. Of course, he had no idea how it could be done, if the EPA would take issue due to its years in Hiroshima, or even what would be accomplished by that. He had known about the mass dismantlement of the trolley systems throughout the US, but not about the shipment of the cars to Japan. So what he ended up doing was setting up a Trolley Museum/Friends of the Trolley as a non-profit to give this Quixotic cause both a funding source and tangible purpose. Now the Trolley Group and Museum has become a catalyst not just to build 35 miles of heritage Trolley, but over 100 miles of modern streetcar, and an aerial cable car system like the one in La Paz Bolivia. (In addition to an expanding LRT that opened in Dec 2008, and a BRT in planning stages).

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