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Itchy Boots Visits A Bolivian Silver Mine

Coming home from a rather trying day in work and watching this video by the YouTube traveller Noraly Schoenmaker (aka Itchy Boots) of her visit to a cooperative mine in Bolivia really does give meaning to the phrase, “First World problems”. The twenty-two minute feature makes for sobering, claustrophobic viewing as the motorbike adventurer spends a couple of hours deep underground with the young men who risk their lives in pursuit of precious minerals and an income that fluctuates according to the whims of the international silver market.

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  1. Bolivia is a fascinating country. One thing about the Silver price. The whole issue with both silver use in PVs and moves to find more earth abundant substitutes for the metal in silicon PV, is a varaible in the price fluctuations of silver. Probably the prices will be more stable when aluminum or copper has replaced most or all of the silver in PVs-it could be a bumpy ride all the same.

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  2. In the nick of time before the border was closed.


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