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Deepfake Technology Brings You Tom Selleck As Indiana Jones

The popularity of “deepfake” technology has grown exponentially over the last few years, primarily through the availability of crude but still effective editing software for computer and mobile devices. However it is at the higher end of the scale that truly astonishing effects can be performed as more knowledgeable or skilled users leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to alter the original footage of movies or TV shows. Witness the clips below, with a near-seamless “face swap” of the American actor Tom Selleck for Harrison Ford in the latter’s iconic role of “Indiana Jones”.

4 comments on “Deepfake Technology Brings You Tom Selleck As Indiana Jones

  1. terence patrick hewett

    It will never replace Kryten’s favourite TV soap from Red Dwarf – Androids.

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  2. Sellek was never the actor that Ford was


    • Hmm. I dunno. Yes. But then again, he never got the roles Ford did so maybe he never got the challenge to rise to that Ford did.

      He had/has a better comic touch than Ford.


  3. There are other alternatives actor choices out there. Originally Lt. Ripley was supposed to be a man and John Hurt was among those considered for the role. Sigourney Weaver originally auditioned to play the “token female crew member”. They also considered Christopher Walken for Han Solo.

    Another biggie was that at one point they wanted to cast OJ Simpson as The Terminator for the original Terminator movie, and considered Bruce Springsteen for Kyle Reese. They decided OJ was “too nice” for the role, and that The Boss didn’t really have any acting experience. I think that Springsteen would have been a perfect Kyle Reese-and given a totally different texture to the movie, regardless of who played the titular Terminator.

    One beef I have with Temple of Doom: Many of my peers believed it was the reality on Indian food for some years. One particularly bad substitute teacher told the class that Indians ate that way because of poverty and the fact their religion forbids the consumption of beef or pork. The real teacher ended up having to address that claim when she recovered from a dislocated shoulder. I think that guy was only called upon when they were scraping the bottom of the barrel to begin with.

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