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Les Irlandais Autochtones

The Irish-based French blog Couleurs irlandaises has another look at the Irish language in contemporary Ireland, including a mention of your’s truly, un blogueur militant Le renard blond (actually, I do believe I am more Le renard blanc. But then again, a fox by any other name…). Though I don’t agree with all of its conclusions it remains challenging stuff and is well worth reading for any militante irlandaise.

2 comments on “Les Irlandais Autochtones

  1. Proinsias
    March 22, 2012

    A Shéamas, a chara,
    Bhí mhaith liom e-phóist príobháideach a chur chugat ach ní raibh fhios agam ar do chuid seoladh e-phóist! Dála an scéil: An Sionnach fionn = le renard blond, le renard pâle, le renard blond des sables… (Gaeilge briste, tá fhios agam, ach is fearr liom Gaeilge briste ná Fraincis cliste…).

    • Ah, I had an email up here but it was spammed into oblivion. I will try again and feature it on the main page, since you are not the first to point to a lack of a private means of contact.
      It’s ansionnachfionn(AT)live(DOT)com

      Sionnach Fionn in this context is more the “White Fox”. So “blanc”? Or is my French really that poor? ;-)

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