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…Back Home In Derry

Well another Apprentice Boys’ march through the city of Doire (Derry) and another day of street protests as the British separatist minority in Ireland celebrate their former status as the colonial ruling classes on the island of Ireland. From UTV:

‘Masked youths attacked police landrovers [armoured vehicles], throwing petrol bombs and a number of cars have also been hijacked and set alight.

Up to 5,000 supporters turned out to see around 10,000 march to mark the anniversary of the 1688/89 Siege of Derry, in the biggest loyal order parade of the year.

There is a continued heavy police presence in the city, with the dissident republican groups protesting in some places just metres away from where the parade passed.

…there are reports of other attempted hijackings and motorists are advised to be vigilant.’

Quiet a contrast to the good news that has recently come out from the City of the Oak Wood.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry is a fundamentalist Protestant organisation within the British ethnic minority in Ireland (like their counterparts in the Orange Order) and their triumphalist marches have been a continued source of violence throughout the last 150 years. Despite the optimism of some people events like those happening right now in Derry prove just how far we have to go in untangling Britain’s racist and sectarian colonial legacy from Ireland’s present – and future.

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