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Irish Pigs In The Daily Mail

British journo Ian Birrell carries a lengthy rant against Martin McGuinness in the “Right Minds” section of the Daily Mail, a suitably right-wing British newspaper. It is replete with plenty of hackneyed phrases and stock stereotypes from the “Big British Book Of War In Ireland” (which is also popular reading amongst the Irish media establishment) but the most fun is to be derived from the Comments section underneath the article.

Amongst the choice descriptions of Martin McGuinness MP MLA, Deputy First Minister of the North of Ireland and candidate for the office of the President of Ireland, is one from the not-so-wordy “Rob”, with Britain’s ever-fashionable:

“Irish PIG.”

Or how about,

“This despicable piece of human waste has blood on his hands that can never be washed off. In the real world both he and his master would have been executed for their crimes years ago.”?

That’s from someome who signs himself “Blue, White & Proud”. That’s Tory blue and er… Well, I’m sure you can work the rest out for yourself.

Ah, the Daily Express. Its just like the Irish Independent but without, y’know, the “Irish” bit. Actually, now that I think about it, so is the Irish Independent…

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