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British Ethnic Terrorists In Ireland – Still At War?

While in recent months the main focus of the national and international news media has been on the actions of Resistance Republicans, various terrorist groups belonging to the British separatist minority in Ireland have continued to operate a low-intensity conflict that rarely makes the headlines. The South Belfast News or SBN (via the Belfast Media Group) carries a report detailing the latest attack by the British militants in the north-eastern part of the country with the attempted murder of an Irish teenager, James Turley:

“Loyalist paramilitaries [ethnic British terrorists] were behind the vicious attack on a Catholic teenager working on a film set in South Belfast this week, the SBN can reveal.

UVF thugs embarked on the brutal assault on an 18-year-old film extra in the Village last Friday (January 6), after discovering Catholic teenagers from the Short Strand were working on the film.

Since the vicious attack, which saw the teenager badly beaten, placed in a wheelie bin and left for dead, local UVF men have visited a local community centre which hosted the film crew to warn them not to bring anyone else into the area “without their permission”.

The paramilitary group also ordered community workers not to speak to the press about the attack, saying “there would be consequences” if they disobeyed.

The crew, which was filming for a number of days for the movie The Good Man starring The Wire actor Aiden Gillen, were in and around Frenchpark Street and Ebor Street on the day of the attack. They had been using the nearby Windsor Women’s Centre as a base of operations while continuing to film around the Village.

However around 3.50pm, a group of loyalists confronted the crew, hurling sectarian insults and threats. As the crew went to drive off, 18-year-old James Turley was caught by the mob who beat him severely before placing him in a wheelie bin. The vicious assault only stopped when his attackers thought he was dead.”

Do not expect see this story being reported or followed-up in most of the Irish, British or global news media. It doesn’t match the agreed narrative of life in the “new” North of Ireland. And it certainly doesn’t match the British government’s insistence that the British terrorist organisations in the north-east of Ireland are on “ceasefire”. An insistence that grows ever more hollow with each passing week.

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  1. Kenneth Thomas

    Scumbags!! To do that to a human being for any reason be it the colour of their skin their beliefs or for their ancestors past conflicts, whatever the made up reasons it’s disgusting! I just don’t understand how little value people place on life these days. How manly those cowards must have felt after beating the shit out of that young fella! All I’ll say is karmas a bitch! I’m sure be it long or short those scum will suffer……


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