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Native America, Native Ireland And The Culture Of Anti-Colonial Conflict

Interesting article by Native American activist Lawrence Sampson on Ireland, the United States and the culture of anti-colonial conflict – and the influences it leaves behind.

“Most American Indians can tell you first hand of the litany of violent campaigns conducted on Indian land over the course of the last generation. While mainstream America and the world believe hostilities ended with the onset of reservation times, every Native American knows the Indian wars are not over. Mini campaigns of violence, complete with military-grade automatic weapons, commonly waged for the natural resource reserves found on or under Indian land, are an ongoing reality for America’s first nations. Out of sight and out of mind of most of America’s populace, the federal government and multi-national corporations wage low-intensity conflicts and use extreme measures to pressure tribal governments into capitulating their natural resource assets. Armed conflicts at Pine Ridge, Gustaffsen Lake, and Kanesatake Indian communities are just a few of the armed battlefields of the last generation.  I have seen firsthand the effects of this ongoing entropy, and know how difficult it is to experience any real tranquillity, be it political, personal, or otherwise. As a product of this reality I suffer the question, will my people ever know peace?”

Read the full article here.

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