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Scotland’s Missing Scottish Question

Ceartas Airson Na Gàidhlig - Justice For The Scottish Language
Ceartas Airson Na Gàidhlig – Justice For The Scottish Language

There is an excellent article on Bella Caledonia by Wilson McLeod examining the failure of the SNP-led Scottish Government to provide bilingual English and Scottish language questions in the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence. It underlies the mixed fortunes of Scottish (Scottish Gaelic) in our fellow Gaelic nation. On one hand there is considerable opposition to Scottish-speaking communities and citizens from some supremacist anglophone Scots (particularly in the English language media) while on the other hand Scottish medium education is thriving with most schools oversubscribed for pupil placements.

Of late the SNP has pulled back somewhat in their public commitment to the indigenous Scottish language, noticeably on their party website and in much of their literature. A surrender to anglophone intolerance within the party or an attempt to curry favour with the anti-Gaelic element in the national news media in the run up to the national poll?

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    • Thanks, BD. You know yourself it’s very hard to find a WP theme that has all the things you want but this one, Untitled, comes pretty close. It would definitely suit an occasional blogger rather than one who blogs every couple of days because there are so many nice things you can do with the theme and individual posts if you have the time (really nice examples of the theme in use here and here).

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  2. The SNP are and always were looking for Gaelic support by false misleading publicity stunts regarding Irish ,Gaelic, Catholic interests. Alex Salmond`s pathetic inaccurate actions and references to Irish Independence as United ,Gaelic and free prove this. His speeches on 1798 etc and historical inaccuracies are beyond stupidity.


    • Ah, I don’t think that is right. Up to recently the SNP had a good record on equality matters in relation to Scottish (Gaelic) speakers. And that was from a position of largely indifference. They may have cooled somewhat in the lead-up to the referendum to curry favour with anglophone voters and media but they are still well ahead of their rivals.


      • Their Rivals are not much to go on for a comparison. The SNP used whatever they could and as you say have cooled down. I would confidently ,say their hidden grassroots view on Celtic ,Gaelic Race and Culture would compliment John Knox,s revile denouncement.


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