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Britnats Target SNP Website Through Avast!

The SNP's website targeted by Britnats via avast!
The SNP’s website targeted by Britnats via avast!

Here’s a thing. The avast! Online Security and Web Reputation Plugin, a web browser extension bundled with one of the world’s most popular free security programs, rates the online homepage of the Scottish Nationalist Party as “bad”. That means the SNP’s website has been found by multiple avast! users to be a “dangerous” internet location to visit, one infected with various unsafe programs that could potentially infect one’s own device.

This is nonsense of course but it cannot have happened accidentally. It can only be the result of a mass effort to falsely flag the SNP website to avast! users (and rather pointlessly so). And it certainly casts the claims of the electronic war by the so-called “Scottish cybernnats” in their true light since the websites of the Scottish Labour Party and the Conservatives show no such warnings.

5 comments on “Britnats Target SNP Website Through Avast!

  1. Visiting their website is irrelevant in discovering how dangerous ,bad or whatever ones opinion is. Listen and watch Alex Salmond`s speeches ,actions should suffice.


    • True enough though for casual internet users or overseas enquirers it is a bit of petty (if ultimately pointless) vandalism as such


      • Theres no need or call for any of this if true ,as its a publicity winner. However it most likely has happened and reveals the depth s these official`s shall sink,
        Its the age wer in and only a few weeks ago that 70000ft high drones were homing down on many Fermanagh household`s.


  2. out of place i know but just wanted to say I acted on your suggestion. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Are greatly appreciated


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