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Catholic West Belfast 1962

A thought-provoking piece from FJH that I suspect speaks for an entire generation of Irish people in towns and cities across our island nation…

Keeping An Eye On the Czar of Russia

The Tuam Babies. What actually can be said? I have almost a kinda immunity to this kinda thing. Eight hundred bodies of children, seemingly buried in a septic tank between the 1920s and 1960s. It numbs me.

Investigations continue. But it looks exactly like it is. Bodies disposed of…bodies deemed “worthless”. The older I get, I despise this world. I can barely watch the News….children begging in the streets of Asja and Africa. Child Labour. There is something haunting about the face of every child I see. Reminding me of my own grandchildren. It is so easy to make a child happy. Why is so much time spent on making children miserable?  “Better that a millstone be placed around their necks…..”. Yes certainly.

The History of Modern Ireland is actually an ongoing search for Respectability and Acceptance. Kept …by British statute…in a place of permanent ignorance, the Irish were and…

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