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Facebook Sucks Balls

The new MySpace…

A quick posting to apologise to all my friends on Facebook. Unfortunately the powers-that-be have forced me to switch from holding a personal profile on FB to using a Facebook Page. Apparently I am now a “brand”, not a person. In the process I’ve lost many great posts, and even greater comments, as well as some good online friends within the Facebook community. If you wish you can still follow me on Facebook via my new An Sionnach Fionn page – and I hope many of you will. In the meantime I will miss seeing the numerous articles and links posted by my friends and comrades-in-struggle which were always interesting. Not to mention losing nine years of my own posting, both private and public. Lesson learned: Facebook doesn’t serve your interests, you serve Facebook’s interests. Ach well. Onwards and upwards for my wee corner of the internet (god bless WordPress!). As for FaceacheBah!

Update: I now have a separate private profile on Facebook to administer my official page. If you know who I am, track me down. I won’t be using it much but your friendship is always welcome 😉

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  1. art snow

    Ya Me too. I am not signing up as a brand. screw facebook.


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